Delivery Process

Once you have determined the quantity of Runescape you are looking to buy, please contact our live support. If live support is not available, delivery will not be instant! After you have confirmed that the gold is ready to be delivered, please check out and pay. Upon successful payment, you may be required to undergo verification. If you are not comfortable with providing a government ID, you must be willing to accept a phone call or show other proof of identity. Please understand this is to make sure we are selling to the authorized payment holder. If you do not wish to undergo verification, we hold the right to refund your payment.

Potential verification means depending on order quantity:

  1. Government Issued ID
  2. Access to registered payment source email
  3. Proof of Visa prepaid gift card
  4. Text message confirmation
  5. Selfie with ID to verify authorization

Once the gold has been delivered to your in-game account, the transaction will be considered complete. We do not offer refunds after the gold has been delivered. We will never ask for any gold back in game. If someone PM’s you in Runescape they are scammers. Do not trade gold back to anyone claiming to be an representative.

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