Twitch Prime and Jagex: Free loot and microtransactions

twitch prime - osrs & rs3 gold

Twitch Prime Umbral Pack – $33 worth of free RuneScape Gold or 44M OSRS if you buy osrs gold in our website

Hello guys! On July 20, Welcome to our OSRS Gold Shop. Twitch announced multiple partnerships with gaming companies to promote their latest feature: Twitch prime. Linking your game account to your Twitch, players are able to claim exclusive loot when they subscribe to Twitch Prime. Bear in mind you can cancel before the month is up and get your money back. Which is worth of several OSRS Gold amount if you buy OSRS Gold from us at a cheap rate! Don’t miss this RuneScape deal.

twitch prime free osrs gold

My experience with Twitch Prime and RuneScape

Being a member of Amazon Prime, I quickly took advantage of this offer and linked my game account to Twitch. Immediately after successfully verifying the emails, I was given access to the Twitch Prime Umbral pack as loot from my Prime Subscription. Given I have already gained tons of value from my Prime subscription. This additional offer has now cemented the value of a Prime subscription. Even if it means paying $150 per year. The Prime Umbral pack contains a free month of Runescape and OSRS membership. $11 Value, or 14.6M at a 0.75/M if you buy osrs gold in our website. Exclusive Umbral Armour (your character can look like a boss in game). And various other in game items that can be used to obtain OSRS Gold.

Although the value is apparent, the release of Twitch Prime and the loot box presents itself as an unprecedented moment in OSRS’s history. One item that was featured in the Prime rewards was access to the Purple Player Skin that can be obtained by visiting the Make over Mage in game. Although the reward is merely cosmetic in nature.

What does this spell for the future of OSRS? Does this mean Jagex may be considering the introduction of microtransactions? Introduction of microtransactions in Runescape 3 have been blamed for the decrease in popularity and game integrity. It has cursed the updated version of OSRS over the past few years. As a matter of fact, the current average player base of OSRS (which is a rehash of Runescape 3), has now surpassed the game that Jagex has spent countless hours and thousands of dollars developing! As an avid player of OSRS, I fear the same path might follow our beloved game should microtransactions be introduced into this version of Runescape.

Introduction of Microtransactions in OSRS thanks to Twitch Prime?

While this risk is possible, I believe Jagex understands the current landscape of the game. Given the increase in monthly membership cost, I feel like Jagex is delaying the introduction of revenue increasing in game transactions. By focusing on maintaining the environment that made the game successful, Jagex will be able to prepare for the influx of returning and new players upon release of OSRS Mobile. Perhaps after a few years of increased player numbers, the games studio will consider adding other income sources to supplement subscription membership revenue but, in the meantime, the future of OSRS is in the balance. If Jagex does not plan the introduction of non-cosmetic correctly, we may see another steep decline in the player base. Until then, let’s enjoy the game that we all love!

Items you find in the Twitch Prime Umbral Pack:

30 days RS membership – upon successful verification of account details, your rs account will be credited with 30 days membership. (11$ worth of 14.5M cheap osrs gold)

RuneCoins – You can spend RuneCoins in Solomon’s General Store on various cosmetic items like Pets, character titles. While you can purchase RuneCoins as a microtransaction, you can also access this store with Loyalty Points which gives lower income players a chance to obtain items that will enhance their character’s wardrobe. (6$)

Treasure Hunter Keys – originally known as the Squeal of Fortune, the Treasure Hunter is a game where players can play and win items from Alice. Most of the chests will contain items that provide skill experience but if a player is lucky, they can win up to 200m rs3 gold! This would be enough to buy enough bonds to pay for 3 months of RS membership! (6$)

Umbral Chests – made specifically for the Twitch Prime partnership, these chests are guaranteed super-rare prizes that can range from Lucky God items to 200m RS3 gold. This is the cornerstone of the loot obtained and players have found on average they receive 10M+ in free gold! (10$)

And lastly, the loot crate will give players access to the exclusive Purple Player Skin on OSRS. This is the only reward from the Twitch Prime Umbral Pack that is useable in the Old school version of the game.

twitch purple osrs character
My character in game!

My Review of Twitch Prime Umbral Packs:

Conclusion: In all, the partnership between Twitch and Jagex will allow Prime users to gain even more value for their subscription. If you don’t currently have an Amazon Prime account, use this link to get a free 30-Day trial. Once you have the Amazon trial activated, you can sign up for Twitch Prime and connect your character and receive the Prime Umbral Pack. This promotion is estimated to be worth $33 so get it before the promotion ends soon. If you play other games you can also use this same Prime account to qualify for other loot crates. The value never ends! 😊

If you have already claimed your offer and need more rs gold, feel free to buy osrs gold or rs3 gold from us at the most competitive rates possible. We strive to make sure our customers are happy. Don’t have money? Check out these OSRS money making guide to earn your own cash to enjoy.

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