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Hello everyone! As one of the oldest RS gold websites, we have had the opportunity to Swap RS3 to OSRS gold for our customers in large cuantities. As a matter of fact, when 2007scape was initially released in 2013, the founder of RSgoldstop was a rank in one of the largest rs swap friend chats at the time. Using our experience in runescape swapping, we will provide you a few tips and tricks to make sure you can safely transfer gold between the two games.

How will you swap RS3 to OSRS gold?

Swap RS3 to OSRS Gold

One of the first things you should consider before swapping gold is determining if you want to use a RS gold site, an in game osrs swapping cc, or finding another player on a gaming forum like Sythe or Rsbot. Next, you have to decide if you want to be the one who trades the gold to the other player first. In order to save time, if both parties in the trade do not have a lot of reputation, you should consider the use of a middleman. Using a runescape gold swapping clan would prevent this issue from arising. To find a trusted clan, you can either go on the official Runescape forums or just walk around in major trading hubs like the Grand Exchange where you can find their advertising bots spamming their friend chat name. After you have decided on the logistics of the trade, you need to find out the best rate for transferring between the two games. Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to where is the best place to swap osrs gold but each has its benefits.

Meeting in game to transfer the gold and do the Swap RS3 to OSRS Gold.

meeting in rs3 for the other portion of the gold swap

The next step is the riskiest part of the transaction. Most scammers will defraud players once they have negotiated a rate for the rs gold swap. If you don’t know what the best rate for swapping gold you can search Google for a rs3 to osrs calculator or post a question on Reddit. Remember, you will most likely get the best swapping rate if you find another player in game. RS gold websites and swapping cc all have to make a profit, which will reduce the amount of gold you receive. Make sure you are talking to the person that you contacted on the forum where you found the other trader. You can do this by asking for a verification PM that includes the trade details (character name, rs swap rate, and chat logs). Also search the other trader’s Skype or Discord in Google to make sure they do not have any open scam reports.

Precautions you should take when you are doing the Swap RS3 to OSRS Gold.

If you’re new to the video game black market, be sure to check out this article on common scams in Runescape trades. It’ll provide the basics on what to look out for when participating in the video game black market. Now that you have set up the transaction you can move on to actually begin the process of swapping your 07 gold to rs3 gold. First, you want to make sure your trading partner knows where to meet in game. Tell them to meet you in game on both servers. This way you can make sure both parties have the gold (this is an easy way to catch careless scammers that had no intention in following through in the trade). After you have confirmed the amounts of osrs gp and rs3 gp, you can trade the gold over to the other party. If both parties are happy with the trade be sure to trade vouches for each other. If you are able to collect a lot of feedback for swapping gold, you will be able to no longer have to go first in future rs gold trades (this would decrease the risk of getting scammed significantly). If you get enough feedback, you can potentially help your friends swap their rsgp.

Whew that was easy!

That’s it! You’ve finished your first rs gold swap. You most likely saved a ton of money compared to selling your gold and purchasing the other. Who knows, you maybe may decide to start your own swapping cc. If you enjoyed the guide be sure to leave us a comment. If you don’t want to risk losing your gold by swapping it yourself, RSgoldstop.com can do it for you. If you want to keep your hard-earned gold and instead buy osrs gold at the best rate of all sites, you can buy it here. Find out why we are rated by Reddit as the best rs gold site and let RSgoldstop be your one stop shop for all your Runescape related needs.

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