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Looking to sell RuneScape Gold?

Have you ever wondered how you can sell your RuneScape Gold for real life cash safely? Today’s article will go over the many ways a gamer can sell their gold for money.

Why should you sell RuneScape Gold?

The answer is very simple, you can easily make a couple of dollars each day by doing tasks that require a little attention. Many of OSRS’s best money making methods are AFK. In fact, if you’re looking for some easy ways to make money in Runescape read this article we recently posted that can help you get an idea on what methods make the most money. You can easily make 1.2m gp per hour just by leaving your computer on and checking back every 15 minutes. By stockpiling your gold and selling them to rs gold sites or private individuals, you can easily pay for your membership without having to dig into your paycheck. If you’re still interested, you are in luck! Runescape has one of the largest black markets consisting of dozens of gaming forums like Sythe and Elitepvpers where you can sell your rs gold.

Who will buy my gold?

Selling osrs gold can be a tricky subject. We went in detail on how to avoid common scams when purchasing OSRS gold but the same concepts can be easily applied to selling gold. When you have decided you want to sell your rs gold you need to determine if you want to take the safe route or the risky route. The former is selling to a gold site like Although the price you get for your runescape gold will be roughly 25% less than selling to private parties on gaming forums, you get peace of mind when it comes to receiving money for your gold. When you sell gold to a rs gold site you are able to unload your entire stock at once. This reduces the total amount of time that you have to spend selling gold, time that you could use to make more money in game. Another benefit of selling to a rs gold site is that the payment will be secure. You don’t have to worry about chargebacks or disputes if you choose to sell your rs gold to a trustworthy rs gold site.

Making the most your rs gold

If you want to make the most amount for your rs gold, you will need to post a thread on a forum like Tribot and wait for potential buyers to add you on Skype or Discord. One thing you have to remember, while the price you will get is higher (around 10%) you will have to deal with the risk of being scammed. A common rs gold scam that happens is when a buyer offers a great price and pays via Paypal. They buy runescape gold with credit card and then after you trade them the gold in game they will call their credit company and say they did not authorize the transaction. Since you don’t have proof they authorized it (sites will require ID verification) you will lose the case. In this instance you will have lost your entire stock of gold, when you could have sold it to a gold site for just 10% less. If you’re able to find a trustworthy buyer, then you can sell your gold for real money safely.

Making rs gold to sell!

Now that you have found out how to sell Runescape gold for real money, how about learning how to acquire large amounts of gold? In the next article posts we will be outlining the various ways to acquire vast sums of gold using methods that don’t require you to even play the game. Some of osrs best gold earning methods require little to no gameplay. Methods like merchanting on the grand exchange and running an odd staking account at the duel arena are some of the most lucrative ways to make rs gold. Other options like power leveling multiple customer accounts or getting infernal capes for other gamers can net you 100M per day. After you have read this article you now have the tools to make a lot of money on Runescape. If you decide to sell your earnings please remember to give us a chance to earn your business. pays the best prices for rs gold on the net.


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