OSRS Maxed Main Rental (Staking)

Are you looking for a trusted place to rent a max main?

If you’re searching for a trusted place to rent a maxed main to stake at the Duel Arena on Runescape you have come to the right place. We have been offering rentals since 2013 and haven’t had a single complaint. We want to build long-term relationships with our customers. Who knows, if luck is on your side you may win enough money that we will buy it for real cash. We say this from experience: don’t save a couple of M and risk getting kicked off the account when you transfer over your wealth. Secure your winnings by renting one of our mains. We are a site with the longest standing thread on Sythe and have collected tens of thousands of views and testimonials. Place your trust in the leading rental site on the Reddit and other online forums.

What is an Old School Runescape Staking Account?

An Old School Runescape Staking account is a game character that can be used to participate in the Duel Arena in Runescape. The account will have 99 Attack, 99 Strength, and 99 Defense. Each account will have a tentacle whip and dragon dagger in the inventory. Traditionally, the Dual Arena has been a place where players can put up items in a bet on which gamer is more powerful. The Duel Arena has become a place where RS players can gamble.

Recently Jagex released an update that introduced a tax on each duel. The tax now is a gold sink that deletes 1% of the total value of each stake upon completion. Now is a good time to rent this 07 rs staking account to take advantage of the large amounts of activity at the Duel Arena. Renting an account will allow players to have an equal likelihood of victory with opponents resulting in a net zero outcome.

We are the original owners of each account

To ensure the safety of each renter, we create and train each main from level 3 to maxed combat. This ensures the account is in safe hands. With no original owner sulking in the shadows of the Duel Arena looking for the perfect opportunity, you will not have the risk of a rogue log out. Even trusted rental companies sometimes have customers booted off an account because they purchased the account from an unscrupulous source. When a boot occurs, it becomes extremely hard to prove fault and liability. You will not be able to show any evidence of wealth you had on the account, making it hard to prove liability. This sounds like a huge headache! Avoid the risk of losing access to your rented character.

We accept all payment methods

While other osrs rental sites only accept in-game currency we accept all forms of payments for our accounts. If you have PayPal you can pay using either G2A Pay or direct PayPal.

Want a free staking session?

We offer each rental customer the opportunity to receive a free staking session by either purchasing or selling gold on our site. If you win big at the Duel Arena and want to sell your winnings, please contact live support for a cash offer. We will offer the best prices guaranteed. If you find a lower price, simply screenshot the offer once the live support agent verifies the evidence, they will beat that price. If you sell us 200M gold or more, your session will be free. Want to get a free staking session without selling us in game items? Contact us to see what offers we that reward a staking session.

Risks of using an untrusted source of rentals