OSRS Thieving Guide: Fast 1-99 [2018’s Best Methods]

follow this thieving guide and this will be you on osrs

Becoming a master thief on OSRS: Level 1 to 99 Guide

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After a small hiatus, RSGoldstop presents another OSRS skilling guide. We consulted with some of the game’s top players to find the best way to become a master thief on Old School Runescape.

Whether you’re a player that’s looking to get the thieving skillcape to show off to their friends or a player that wants to get as much OSRS gold as possible, this guide will show you the techniques that the best Runescape players use to level up.

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Skipping early thieving levels by Questing

Thieving is similar to other skills on Runescape. The first levels of pickpocketing men are very tedious and boring….almost like Runecrafting. Actually, not quite! Players looking to jump the majority of the slow XP rates should highly consider completing quests!

Quests are essential because they unlock end game content and areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. It’s a no-brainer for players that want to experience Runescape in its entirety!

RSGoldstop tip: Players should change their NPC attack options to hidden before training thieving. This will allow you to click on the target instead of right clicking and will potentially save you thousands by delaying the onset of carpal tunnel!

take break from training thieving or this will be you!

Here’s RSgoldstop’s recommendation on the order of the quests that players should consider doing.

Level 1 to 14 – players that complete the Fight Arena quest will instantly progress to 14 thieving. The quest also yields a sizeable amount of attack experience.
The Fight Arena quest has no requirements so players can immediately start the quest once they finish Tutorial Island. Every boss can be safe-spotted so be sure to stock up on Fire Strikes to complete this quest without issue.

After you complete the Fight Arena quest, you will have more options regarding training. The quests that we recommend you consider are the ones that have a thieving requirement of under 31. The reasoning behind this is that as you progress to higher thieving levels, the experience rates from regular training will eclipse the quest rewards.
The best quests to gain experience are The Feud, The Slug Menace, Darkness of Hallowvale, and Death to the Dorgeshuun. Of course, many other quests that yield thieving experience. OSRSwiki has a complete list that you may find useful.

Equipping your character to maximize experience rates

The journey from 1 to 99 thieving will be an arduous one. That being said, you want to make sure you have every experience boosting item at your disposal.
The first item that I want to go over is the Dodgy Necklace.

dodgy necklace

Released during the jewelry expansion, the Dodgy Necklace provides a 25% chance at avoiding stun when a player fails to pickpocket their target. Each necklace holds ten charges and will crumble to dust when the charges are exhausted.

The current GE price is a little under 1k, so if you’re hurting for money, you may consider passing on this item. The stun aversion seems like it would have a minimal impact on experience rates but let us tell you; it’ll help your sanity as well.

Higher level players should complete the Ardougne Diaries to unlock the cape.

Players that complete the medium or higher diaries will gain a 10% chance of successfully pickpocketing NPCs. Once you unlock the cape, you will have a hidden boost, so you don’t have to wear it (for those of you who are fashionscape royalty).

Completing the Rogue’s Den Minigame in Burthourpe to unlock the Rogue armor set.

While you probably wouldn’t want to wear this outfit if you were practicing thieving in real life, players that acquire this outfit can increase the money they make by significant amounts. A full set of Rogue armor guarantees a player to obtain double loot when they successfully steal an item.

Training your hunter to 54 to unlock the gloves of silence.

gloves of silence

Each pair of these gloves holds a total of 62 charges and will grant the player a 5% increase in their thieving success rates. Note: players that have completed the hard and elite portions of the Ardougne diary shouldn’t disregard this item as the effect does not stack with the 10% from the diary rewards.

The part you have all been waiting for: The fastest way to 99 thieving.

Since you’re a good reader, you have already completed the Fight Arena quest putting you at 14 thieving.
If you’re a rebel and want to spend more time, you can start by pickpocketing men and women until you hit level 5 thieving. It’ll take 49 successful pickpockets to reach level 5 and yield approximately 5,000 XP/hr.
Stealing cakes at the Ardougne Market level 5 to 20.

If you’re an ironman and need early game food, this method is very reasonable to consider. While the XP rates are still tiny (10k/hr), you will be able to stockpile 256 cakes before hitting level 20 thieving.
After you’ve collected enough cakes to last you a year, you can move on to the Ardougne Market Silk Stall from level 20 to 25 thieving. This method yields a 50% increase in XP per hour, capping at around 15k XP. If you’re a new player, you will also be pleased to find that you will be making about 30k GP/hr as well.

Level 25 to 45 – Terrorizing the residents of Zeah.

Now that you have stolen the life savings of Ardougne’s hardest workers you will probably be wanting to move on before one of the guards finds you.
Before you are allowed to steal from the stalls (wait what?) you will need to gain 15% Hosidius house favour. The easiest way to achieve that is by pushing the plow in nearby farm fields. If you have money, you can give the NPC’s super compost as well if you don’t want to spend time being a farmer.
Stealing from the Hosidius Fruit Stalls is much faster than the previous methods. Two stalls are directly adjacent to each other so you can quickly level up your thieving without having to wait.
At level 30 you can complete the Feud, which will grant you 37 thieving.
RSgoldstop tip: Make sure you trap the guard dogs in the house before you begin stealing from the stalls. If you trap them inside, you will be able to achieve experience rates up to 40k per hour! That’s more than double other methods.

Level 45 to 91 thieving: Blackjacking Bandits in the desert

If you followed our advice, you should have already completed the Feud quest and unlocked blackjacks.
From level 45 to 55 you will need to go to Pollivneach and find the bearded bandits. Get your groove on and make sure you learn how to correctly stall their attacks so you can achieve the highest experience rates possible.
To get to level 55, you will need to pickpocket a knocked out guard 1,618 times successfully. If you’re skilled at clicking, you can expect anywhere from 50K XP to 80K XP. On top of that, you will earn 100k/hour with this method.

Level 55 to 65 thieving – graduating to the non-bearded bandits

Now that you have gotten the hang of blackjacking, your new victims will be the clean-cut bandits with scimitars. Don’t worry; they will only smack you once if they catch you. If they knew how much you’ve stolen from them, they should be declaring war on your though!
Blackjacking these bandits will effectively double the XP/hour rate you can achieve. Depending on your skills, you can expect experience rates ranging from 80k to 140k XP per hour. You’ll also earn 50% more gold using this method!

Level 65 to 91 – changing sides.

Hitting level 65 thieving gives you the skills to start blackjacking Menaphite thugs. These guys are flashy, which makes sense when you consider you make almost 200k/hour when pickpocketing them. Your experience rate goes up once again, ranging from 150k to 230k XP per hour using this method. Unlike the previous victims, you’ll have to rob over 39,000 of these guys before moving on to the next step of this guide.
RSGoldstop tip: players that want to grind out for a while should bring noted food to exchange at the merchant. This will prevent players from having to bank.

Level 91 to 99 – Sophanem’s Pyramid Plunder

Have you always wanted to cosplay as a tomb raider? This is your chance! At level 91 thieving this minigame becomes the best method to achieve the sought after 99 thieving.
Before you can access this area, you need to start the quest Icthlarin’s Little Helper. If you’re rich, you can purchase a Pharoah’s Sceptre, and you will be teleported to the entrance.
Make sure you use weight-reducing gear, prayer potions, antidotes, and stamina potions. You will need to use them to achieve the highest experience rates (250k+).
This method should be handy as you will potentially receive valuable drops like Pharoah’s Sceptre. If you use this method all the way until 99, you will be trained to get early game money on Deadman Mode.

Alternative thieving training methods if you want to go against the crowd

Terrorizing Ardougne Knights

Have you had enough of these guys bullying you when you first started training your thieving? This is your chance to enact revenge! While the XP rates are not the fastest, this method is rather AFKeable.
Starting at level 50 thieving you will achieve experience rates of around 65K per hour, eventually going all the way up to 250k/hour!

This method also provides players with consistent GP earnings – make sure you have a Rogues outfit and dodgy necklaces to ensure you are as efficient as possible.
RSgoldstop protip: Go to World 378, and you will almost always find a guard that has already been lured.

Broke and need money?

Here are a few methods that will help players that are poor bolster their in-game bank accounts.

Rogue Chests in the Rogues’ Castle in the Wilderness. Starting at level 84 players will be able to earn 130k XP per hour while making 350k GP per hour. This will scale up all the way until 99 thieving to max out at 170 XP and 550k XP per hour. Not bad!

Note: since this method is in the wilderness, be careful not to get PKed and bank accordingly.

Pickpocketing Master Farmers in Draynor

This method can be started as low as level 38, but the GP per hour/XP trade-off is atrocious until you hit level 90 thieving. At level 90, players can expect to earn 1M GP/hour while gaining 115K thieving XP. This assumes that the player has completed the Ardougne Diaries as well as having a complete Rogue Armor set.

Master Farmers is a little better now that Ardougne Knights have been nerfed via the coin pouch update as a player can stack unlimited seeds in their inventory.

Congrats! You should now be level 99 thieving. Talk about an accomplishment!! Maybe you should put it on your resume.

If you liked this guide please drop us a comment below. If you’re looking for some more help on various Runescape related skills, stay tuned. RSgoldstop plans to release a guide for every skill in the future. Until next time!

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