OSRS Runecrafting Guide: Journey from 1-99 [Best Methods 2018]

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OSRS Runecrafting Guide – Achieving the goal of getting 99 Runecrafting

runecrafting for osrs is hard

If you’re a Runescape player like me, skills like Runecrafting, Farming, and Mining have always been on the backburner compared to combat skills. A ton of OSRS players don’t realize that there is a lot of gold to be made training noncombat skills. Boring, yes. Useless? No. Like all skills in Runescape, you just need to learn the best methods and you will find that they are all great money making methods for OSRS.

guide to level 99 runecrafting
Follow this guide and you might get one of these bad boys before your hairs turn white.

Prepare yourself for the journey that is about to begin….

Today’s article will be going over the best ways to train runecrafting in 2018. Our team of veteran Runescape players will show how you can make money on OSRS crafting runes. If you’re more of a PVM OSRS player check out our other articles on training skills like ranging!

Let’s get started. Runecrafting is a skill that many refuses to train due to its click intensiveness as well as low interaction gameplay. The skill is very repetitive and has extremely low experience rates at the beginning levels. If you’re able to make it past this initial road bump, your character will be rewarded with some of the most profitable skilling money making in the game!

Equipping your character for Runecrafting

Before you start training your Runecrafting, you need to make sure your gear promotes maximum efficiency. While a 5% experience boost doesn’t seem significant in a vacuum, it can make a huge impact on your journey to a Runecrafting skill cape.

We recommend players obtain the best lightweight gear they can. If they have a low agility level, they should complete the quest Temple of Ikov to obtain the Boots of Lightness, train their hunter to level 40 to get the spotted cape, and get 150 points at barbarian assault to obtain the penance gloves. Each of these items will reduce the overall weight of a player, thus allowing players to run longer before depleting their energy.

Training other skills to achieve the best XP rates!

The most commonly used outfit for Runecrafting is full Graceful. This armor set can be purchased in the Rogue’s Den with marks of grace. Players that use roof-top training courses will randomly obtain the marks while training. The full outfit is great for Runecrafting because it not only reduces the overall weight of a character but will also restore energy level significantly faster. Graceful is extremely useful for other skills like mining so be sure to obtain it early in your Runescape career.

Note: in later stages of the Runecrafting guide players will have to go into the wilderness for the best Runecrafting experience. Players need to exercise extreme care if they plan on using their Graceful armor as it will be lost upon death. You don’t want to grind out another set, trust me.

An additional boost that players can use to make their training go smoothly are energy and stamina potions. While these potions can run almost 6k gold on the Grand Exchange, they will increase the overall number of runes you can craft per hour. If you’re a player that has to train Herblore as well, consider making your own stamina potions to save money.

Quests that are mandatory for Runecrafting

In order to begin your journey, you will need to unlock two quests that will give you access to the skill and open up training areas. Both quests are very easy so knock them out now if you haven’t done so yet.

The first quest that you will have to complete before training Runecrafting is the free to play quest Rune Mysteries. If you’re a member you will have access to teleport tablets that will make completing this quest extremely easy. This quest will only take you a few minutes if you follow a guide.

The second quest that we recommend that you complete is Enter the Abyss. This quest is easy to complete as well. Once you have completed the Rune Mysteries quest you can start it immediately. The reason why this quest is mandatory is due to the rewards it provides. Players will be able to enter the Abyss which provides easy access to various Rune altars. An additional reward that the quest gives is a small pouch that can hold additional rune essence.

Note: once you complete Enter the Abyss you need to slay monsters in the Abyss to obtain pouch drops. The monsters will drop rune pouches that are mandatory for efficient Runecrafting training. There are 4 different pouches and you will only be able to obtain one of each. Upon completing the set a player will be able to hold 54 rune essence compared to 28. That’s almost a 100% increase in Runecrafting experience! During your training, be sure to repair your pouches by talking to the Dark Mage otherwise the pouches may decay.

Learning to walk: Level 1 to 9 Runecrafting

Once you complete the quest Enter the Abyss you will receive 1K Runecrafting experience. This will boost your RC level to 9. F2P players will have to start training their Runecrafting at the Falador air altar.

Questing to 23 Runecrafting: Level 9-23

Like the first step in the Runecrafting guide, you will be able to get 23 Runecrafting without crafting a single rune! We advise players to complete the quest Eyes of Glouphrie. The quest is a prerequisite for end game content so if you’re a serious OSRS player you should complete it when the rewards are meaningful for your character. Completion of Eyes of Glouphrie will grant players with 6000 Runecrafting experience which will boost them to level 23.

Powerleveling from 23-99 Runecrafting using Lava Runes

If you’re a player that doesn’t need OSRS gold, this step will be the best way to get to 99 Runecrafting. However, if you’re like the vast majority of players that don’t have more gold than Crassus, you might decide to only use this method to level up your Runecrafting.

Players crafting Lava runes can expect to achieve experience rates up to 70k per hour! In order to achieve such a high rate, players will need to purchase binding necklaces and cast the spell Magic Imbue. The binding necklace will increase a player’s chance of successful rune combination from 50% to 100%. You will also need high-level magic and completion of Lunar Diplomacy or you will have to bring a fire talisman in each inventory.

Binding necklaces only have 16 charges before they disintegrate. In order to maximize your investment, make sure you have all rune pouches ready to unload. Each click on the rune altar counts as 1 charge. You can obtain the necklaces by either crafting them yourself or slaying monsters in the Abyss.

Using teleports to help speed up the process

The best way to runecraft lava runes is by using a ring of dueling to teleport to the Duel Arena. The teleport spawn is located very conveniently: players are actually only 20 steps away from the Fire Altar. Once you enter the fire altar you will need to use earth runes on the altar. Make sure you perform that step before you craft your rune essence or you will automatically craft an inventory of fire runes.

teleport to altars

After you’ve crafted an inventory of rune essence, use your ring of dueling to teleport to Castle Wars. This is the most efficient way to reload your inventory. Once you fill the rune pouches, you will be ready to craft more lava runes. Teleport back to the Duel Arena and repeat the process.

AFK Methods to train your Runecrafting (ZMI)

Players who are not primarily focused with maximum efficiency should consider using the Ourania Altar (ZMI) if they have 71 magic. This method can be semi-AFK, that means players can level their other OSRS accounts or even catch up on some school work.

Consequently, the Ourania Altar yields significantly lower experience rates than Lava runes due to the ease of training.

The reason why this method is considered “AFK” is because there are designated worlds that clan chats will set where one player will act as a taxi for others. You would simply follow the taxi player and they will lead your character to the altar. As of 9/8/2018 the official world that most Runecrafters use is 27.

Note: maximize your experience using this method by completing Lunar Diplomacy. The quest will give you the ability to cast the Ourania teleport spell. This teleport will reduce the time to bank and thereby increase your Runecrafting experience per hour.

Making bank on OSRS crafting Blood Runes: Level 77 to 90

Once players complete the grind to level 77 the magic begins. From here on out, players will be making significant amounts of gold while being AFK.

Before you start crafting blood runes, there are a few requirements we recommend for maximum money making. Players will need to gain 100% Arceuus favour, 38 crafting, and 38 mining. Another skill that we recommend our readers obtain is 73 agility.

Once you have achieved the requirements, you can start making blood runes. Head over to the dense rocks and start mining a full inventory. The mining process will take several minutes, but you won’t have to click anything during this time. Once you fill your inventory you can head over to the dark altar to convert the dense essence to fragments.

After you convert a few inventories of the dense rock to fragments you can head over to the blood altar and craft blood runes.

Note: RSgoldstop recommends obtaining full Graceful before beginning to train Runecrafting, but this step makes it mandatory. Graceful will enable players to recharge their run energy while mining the dense rock. This means players will no longer have to spend their gold on stamina potions, which in turn improves the gp per hour rate of runecrafting.

Master Runecrafting: Level 90 to 99

After you’ve crafted countless loads of blood runes, you should now be at level 90 runecrafting. Hopefully, you’re not too old to enjoy the fruits of your labor 😊.

Now that you’re level 90 runecrafting you will unlock the ability to craft soul runes. If you thought you escaped from mining dense matter you are mistaken! You will be crafting soul runes at the same place that you spent countless hours crafting blood runes. Check out the video above if you need to refresh your memory!

Luckily, crafting soul runes is considered AFK as well. You will be able to complete other projects while you mine the dense essence. Players who are focused can expect to achieve 45k runecrafting experience per hour using this method. The only difference for crafting soul runes is running to the soul rune altar. See you at 99!

Putting in that work: Making money using Runecrafting

The methods this OSRS runecrafting guide has mentioned above are the most efficient way to level your runecrafting. This next part will be focusing on optimal methods if you are wanting to make a boatload of OSRS GP.

Baby Hustler: Level 13 to 44 Runecrafting

If you’ve completed the recommended quests you can begin making mud runes immediately. This method will require a binding necklace and either an earth talisman or the ability to cast Magic Imbue.

Crafting mud runes is the best way to make money while getting 44 runecrafting. At a price of 225 GP, players can earn up to 150k Gold per hour using this method.

Note: obtain a ring of dueling and access to the hot balloon network to maximize trip efficiency.

Street Corner Man: Level 44 to 59 Runecrafting

Money-oriented players will unlock the ability to craft nature runes at 44 runecrafting. This method is known to almost every veteran Runescape player due to stable profitability the method generates. Nature runes are used for alchemy spells in Runescape. These spells can convert items to gold pieces, making it a very attractive option to train magic. As a result, this runecrafting money making method will likely always be profitable.

At a current price of 206 gold per nature, level 44 Runecrafters can make up to 500k gp per hour using the Abyss. Players should stock up on Amulet of Glories and make runs via the Edgeville bank.

Street king of Runecrafting: Level 59 to 82 Runecrafting

Once you obtain 59 runecrafting, you will unlock the ability to craft double cosmic runes at the Zanaris cosmic altar. The reason why this method becomes so profitable is that now players will be able to make 2 runes per rune essence!

Note: players need to complete the Lost City quest to gain access to the Zanaris.

If you’re a hustler you will make over 100M osrs gp by the time you reach the next milestone in your Runecrafting journey. To improve efficiency, players should get 66 agility before starting this method as they will unlock a shortcut that takes them straight to the altar.

Lord of Runecrafting: Level 82 to 91 Runecrafting

If your fingers are still operational, you will have achieved 82 runecrafting. Your bank should be over 100M, but if you’re still intent on making more gold, crafting double astrals will generate an additional 100M from 82 Runecrafting to 91.

This method requires players to have completed the Lunar Diplomacy Quest as the Soul Altar is located on the Lunar Isle. Players that have the ability to cast the Moonclan Teleport spell will see significant jumps in their hourly XP and gold rates. If you have access to the spell, you can expect to make almost 900k GP per hour with 20k XP per hour.

King of Runecrafters: Level 91 to 99 Runecrafting

You’re finally here. You are so close to your goal of 99 Runecrafting. This next method is the one that every beginner dream about.

At level 91 runecrafting you will unlock the ability to create double nature runes. If you stick with crafting nature runes all the way until 99 runecrafting your bank value will blossom to over 500M OSRS GP!

In order to maximize the amount of gold and experience you gain per hour, players will need to use the Abyss. Focused players that have Graceful and amulet of glories can expect to make north of 1M gp per hour using this method.

Lost all of your gold at the Duel Arena?

After achieving 99 Runecrafting you will be able to craft double death runes. This method can generate around 1.4M gp per hour and is very useful if you are grinding for end game weapons and armor. Not you? If you got cleaned at the duel arena this is also a great way to rebuild your bank instead of buying Runescape gold.

Congratulations on achieving an inhumane goal!

You have now achieved 99 Runecrafting. You are a different breed of player and I applaud you for your focus and dedication. We hope you have found this guide to be helpful. If you have any suggestions or comments on where we can improve please don’t hesitate to send us an email at guides@rsgoldstop.com

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