OSRS Range guide: How to level Range easily in 2018

RSgoldstop.com presents: OSRS Range Training Guide

Pretraining prep work: Quests

If you’re an OSRS player that wants to progress in the game as fast and affordable as possible, this OSRS Range guide is made for you. Ready to get that cool Ranging cape to show off to your friends? Let’s go.

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RSgoldstop.com presents the comprehensive 1-99 osrs range training guide to save you the most time so you can raid with your friends. First things first, if you are starting out on a fresh account, make sure you complete the Shadow of the Storm quest which will increase your ranged level so you can skip all of the slow levels where you would use a short bow or knives.

After you’ve completed the quest make sure you set up your character for maximum efficiency for training range. Another quest that you can do is the Horror from the Deep quest. If you complete this quest you will receive holy books. Since you are training your range, be sure to pick the Armadyl Godbook and fill it with pages. This book will increase your range attack bonus by +10 which will allow you to hit monsters more accurately. Although the Armadyl Godbook does not provide any defense bonuses, you will be training most of your range levels by safe spotting.

The last quest that you should always complete before starting to train your range is the Animal Magnetism quest. Once you complete Animal Magnetism you will receive an Ava’s Accumulator. This item will provide a few range accuracy bonus points and also save you from having to pick up the arrows you fire while training your range level.

Buying armor and weapons for your character

OSRS Range Guide gear setups

Training ranged as a pure

Once you have completed the rudimentary quests for training your range, you have to set up your character. If you have a large budget, you can go for the maximum efficiency item list (Anguish, Robin Hood Hat, Archer’s Ring, etc). If you are a newer player that does not have too much OSRS gp, you can use plain armor and weapons adding up to +61 range attack bonus. While you may think the difference is huge, your range strength bonus correlates to XP per hour more than range attack. Of course, you can always update your gear as your training progresses. RSgoldstop tip: if you decide on the maximum bonus gear set up, make sure you imbue your archer ring for maximum range attack bonus.

Training ranged as a Main

If you are a main on OSRS, you have significantly more options when deciding what gear to use. Instead of just having the cheapest option you now have a medium budget set up that is available for you to use. As a main with defense levels, you will have access to the minigame Pest Control. If you complete this minigame you will be able to obtain the Void Armor set, which boosts your range damage by 15%. Choosing between the various setups, you will be able to decide what range training method fits your budget.

Now that you have decided on your set up, we can move on to the weapon choice phase of our range training journey. When you first start you will have access to the Dorgeshuun crossbow. This is the most cost-effective option until 75 range where you can equip a Toxic Blowpipe. The range xp per hour is INSANE when you upgrade to the toxic blowpipe, but you will be spending a fortune in rsgp for Zulrah’s scales and darts.

Although these weapons aren’t the most powerful range items in the game, they have the best trade-off in terms of strength, accuracy, and speed to produce the best range training experience rates in OSRS. Another choice for range training on OSRS is using chinchompas after reaching 75 range. You can use either gray, red, or black chinchompas to burst skeletal gorillas in the MM2 caves to achieve range xp rates of over 300k xp per hour!

The Debate: Ranged strength vs. Accuracy

A very controversial topic in range training forums is the debate between range strength and range accuracy. We have found out that both sides have credibility in the argument, range accuracy is optimal when you are training on low defense monsters and bosses like Ammonite crabs and Ankous, but range strength is the better choice for high-level bosses. If you are choosing to train your range level on OSRS by fighting bosses you can also use items like Salve Amulet (Ei) and black masks to increase your accuracy and damage when you are facing the bosses.

OSRS Range training methods

If you’ve made it this far, congrats! Now we can move on to the various training methods that will take your OSRS character to the level of legends.

From 1-60 range: After completion of the Dwarf Cannon quest, you can purchase a cannon and set up your cannon to kill rock crabs near Relekka in the multi-combat zone.
If you need HP experience for pk purposes we recommend training your range at Sand Crabs from level 30-60 range.

Alternatively, you can train these range levels in the Edgeville dungeon at either Chaos Druids or thugs. All three options allow you to pay little attention as the monsters are aggressive and will attack you when you have auto-retaliate on.

After you’ve hit 60 range you should move on to monsters that have more HP. From 60-75 range we recommend slaying Ammonite Crabs after completion of Bone Voyage. The new area known as Fossil Island allows players to AFK for up to 15 minutes at a time while slaying granite crabs that have 100 HP. This method is amazing for players that prefer to multi-task while training their range.

The final osrs range training method that we have is for 75-99 range. The variety that’s available for this period of range training is staggering. You can safe spot while letting your cannon kill Black demons, or even make money by slaying Brutal Black Dragons or Grotesque Gargoyles. After the long journey, you will have reached 99 ranged. Stop by live chat to show off your Ranging cape when you get it.

The end of the journey

We hope you have found this guide helpful. You now know the exact methods the most efficient players in OSRS use to train their range levels. While this may seem like a long journey, just imagine pking with your friends and showing off the range level you worked hard for. If you find yourself needing osrs gold to fund your training and don’t have the time to make it yourself, we offer the best prices on RS gold. Click here to buy osrs gold. Don’t want to do the work yourself? You can also purchase an OSRS account so you can have the stats tonight.

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