OSRS Pest Control Service (Void Armor)

OSRS Full Void Armor

Are you a player that is looking for a full void armor set? RSgoldstop provides the most reliable and affordable pest control service around. No longer do you have to play for countless hours in order to get full void. Our players will be able to to efficiently get pest control points so you don’t have to. If you’re looking for multiple helmets (range, melee, and mage) please let our live chat know. We offer the full set of void armor including all helmets starting at $26.99.

Only need 1 Piece?

RSgoldstop has you covered. If you’re a player that has already obtained pieces of void and want help finishing the armor set, you can order individual pieces. This is perfect for players that decide they don’t want to grind Pest Control.

What is Void Knight Equipment?

Void Armor is a reward for completing the minigame Pest Control in Old School Runescape. Players need 42 in most combat stats to equip the armor set. When worn together, players receive a set effect depending on which helmet they have equipped. Melee and range helmets yield a set effect of 10% bonus accuracy and damage. The void mage helmet gives players a +45% magic attack bonus.

The void armor set has many uses in Runescape. PvMers have found that void armor is the best choice in terms of DPS vs low defense monsters. On the other hand, PvP focused players use the effect on specially made accounts to dominate players in the wilderness. Low level void pures are able to hit 98 damage with one dark bow special. In addition, players only risk 45k per piece when they wear it in the wilderness.

OSRS Void Service

Full Void Armor (One helm)


OSRS Void Service

Void Armor (1 Piece)