OSRS Moneymaking: 10M from Level 3 with No Skills Required

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Making Money on OSRS from a Fresh Level 3 Account

Want to find out what our suppliers do to make money on Oldschool Runescape?

Hello Readers, today RSGoldstop presents a guide on how to anyone can make money on OSRS and become rich within 2 days after making a fresh level 3 account. OSRS Moneymaking can be very simple, and with this article we hope each one of our readers will be able to make money like a pro.

Many of our customers have always asked us how we get our gold. While we don’t actually farm the Runescape gold ourselves from playing the game, we interact with a lot of the most seasoned players and in doing so we learn a lot of the secrets they use to make money on Runescape. As you would expect, the variety when it comes to making money on OSRS is extremely broad. We have people who grind out on multiple accounts to stockpile hoards of gold and in game resources like yew logs, sharks, and dragon bones. On the other side of the spectrum we interact with Odds stakers and merchanters. These rs gold suppliers are the ones that supply the bulk of the gold but in order to successfully use their osrs money making method, you have to have a starting wealth well into the billions of RSGP.

Making RS gold on OSRS without high level stats

In one of our previous articles, we went over the top 10 ways to make money on OSRS by playing the game. We got feedback from our readers and the concerns were unanimous- how would a fresh player that doesn’t have access to the quests and skills needed to tackle bosses like The Theatre of Blood or Vorkath make money to afford the gear they want? In order to satisfy our readers and provide value to each one of RSgoldstop’s visitors we will take the time today to go over how a player can make money on OSRS without any skills or money to pay for a membership bond. If you want to pay for membership using real life money to avoid the most tedious steps of this guide, you can skip to part 2 where we go over the various ways to make money as a Pay to Play player on Runescape. If you have an Amazon Prime account like most students do, you can get a free month of membership using Twitch Prime.

Part 1: The start of your OSRS Journey

Tutorial Island: Learning the basics of Old School Runescape

Your first step would be to register for a new account. Once you’ve confirmed the email you will find yourself on Tutorial island. If you’re a seasoned player, this step will not be new for you. You will simply go through the rudimentary steps in learning how to play Runescape. If you’re a new player that just wants a head start on his OSRS journey, you may spend a little more time here than you would like. I strongly advise you take as much time to get familiar with the game because each mechanic that is gone over on Tutorial Island will be the foundation of your Runescape experience. After you’ve completed Tutorial Island, you should start by heading to Varrock.your osrs journey starts here on tutorial island

Interacting with other players on the Mainland

Once you’ve arrived at Varrock make sure you go to the shops that sell cheap items. Use the gold you received from Tutorial island and go to one of these shops. Thessalia’s Fine Clothes (which is located right next to the general store in Varrock) will sell capes for a 11 GP each. Buy as many as you can and then hop worlds to purchase them until your gold runs out. Once you’ve exhausted your starting funds, go to the Grand Exchange and sell the capes on the Exchange. Due to the arbitrage between the store price and the GE price, you should end up with your first 1000 OSRS GP. The next step is just sell the rest of your items and evaluate.getting started on the grand exchange

Finishing the Stronghold of Security to make RS gold

Once you’ve sold your starting items and have a decent starting gold stack, purchase some cake from the Grand Exchange and head to the Stronghold of Security. This is found to the West of Varrock and is identified by an exclamation mark in the middle of Barbarian Village. The Stronghold of Security basically allows new players to learn about common scams and account security in Runescape. By correctly answering the questions while navigating the maze you will receive a reward on the each of the levels found in the Stronghold. As you progress through the levels (there are four: The Vault of War, Catacomb of Famine, Pit of Pestilence, and the Sepulcher of Death) you will find yourself having to tank many high level monsters. Make sure you keep your hitpoints high by eating the cake you bought at the Grand Exchange. Once you finish the Stronghold of Security you will be rewarded with 10,000 OSRS Gold.

Making money for a free OSRS Membership Bond

Now that you have some gold to play around with we will begin our journey to a free Runescape bond. Use your home teleport to Lumbridge and then walk to Draynor Village. Trade Diango and purchase a Chronicle and teleport charges. This will save you a ton of time when you’re first starting out because you don’t have access to teleports. Once you’ve purchased your chronicle head to the various shops around Port Sarim and start looking for items that have arbitrage. One of our suppliers told us his favorite method of getting starting cash when he first started farming osrs gold was by going to the Port Sarim fishing shop and purchasing fishing rods. He would use the gold he obtained from the Stronghold of Security and then purchase the rods until the shop ran out of stock. Then he would simply go to the Entrana bank deposit box to quickly bank his items. He would then hop to each world to buy all of the fishing rods until he ran out of money.all of your hard work goes to paying for this membership bond

The genius behind this is that most players that are looking for this item will not have the time nor patience to run to Port Sarim. They will just go on the Grand Exchange and pay a huge premium for the convenience. As a new player without skills to fight bosses, this is a great alternative to fishing or wood cutting to earn your starting money on Runescape. Note: you don’t have to use this exact method, do your own research and then evaluate based on what has the most profit.

RSGoldstop Tip: Save time by looting in the Wilderness

If you don’t mind fighting amongst bots to loot, you can go to either Wilderness PK worlds or PVP worlds and loot items that PKer’s leave behind. If you’re lucky you can actually loot a set of Rune Armor! Most of the time you would just be looting the adamant arrows that archers forget to pick up or food that players cannot fit in their inventory. This used to be an amazing money making method on OSRS but now it has become saturated with bots. If you’re the adventurous type you can actually gear up in mage and try to kill the bots. Sometimes they have been botting for hours and will have hundreds of adamant arrows in their inventory. Your hourly gold rate will go up significantly if you are lucky.pkers are very lazy so looting their arrows can make good money on osrspkers sometimes leave great items behind

Finding PK clans and looting their fallen

Another method is to look for clans that are preparing for a clan war. Find out the team cape they are using and go to the wilderness salesperson. They can be found in multiple areas of the wilderness and will each carry a specific team cape. If you find a cape that is in demand you can make over 500 rs gold for each cape you buy! After you’ve supplied the clans with their capes you can follow them into the deep wilderness. Make sure you bank your items. Once the clans start fighting players will drop their items. You will be able to loot a full inventory of Rune items using this method but remember, you might be waiting a significant amount of time before the clans begin their battle. Now after doing all of these basic methods, you should have enough rs gold to move on to more combat-oriented skills. Head to the Grand Exchange by using your Chronicle and then purchase enough Runes and mage equipment to level your Magic to 31.

Unlocking Telekinetic Grab

Once you have the equipment purchased, head to low level monsters near Lumbridge or Al-Karid to train your mage. You can either safe spot the monsters or splash if you want to AFK while training. After you unlock access to telekinetic grab you will be making your way back to the Grand Exchange. At this point you should have enough money to purchase a decent amount of law runes. Buy some high level food like Tuna or Swordfish and then head to the Demonic Ruins in the wilderness. Here you can find two Nature Rune spawns. Make sure you are prepared to log out in case a Player Killer comes in your direction. You should profit around 500 GP per telegrab as the nature runes will come in bundles of 3-4. Now that you have a few mage levels you will now be able to change the way you make money on OSRS.

Collecting Wines of Zamorak at the new Chaos Temple

Another method to make osrs gold using magic is by telegrabbing Zamorak Wines at the Chaos Temple. Unlike the altar in Edgeville, the Chaos Altar is located in level 38 wilderness. Given that, most bots do not choose to grab the wines located here because pkers will kill them extremely fast. Once you arrive at the Chaos Temple, be sure to look out for PKers. You don’t want to lose your runes that you worked so hard for. Keep your eye on your minimap and only bring enough runes to grab an inventory worth. Each Wine of Zamorak is worth almost 2.4k gp because they are used in making ranging pots. After you grabbed a full inventory of Zamorak wines you can run to the south and then teleport to Varrock. This method will generate almost 300k profit per hour whch makes this a great osrs moneymaking method.

Extra ways to help increase your hourly RSGP rate

Although it seems like it might take a long time to make enough money for your OSRS membership bond, you can also add different income streams to make your journey go faster. Once you build up a gold pile, you can merchant different items on the Grand Exchange to add to your GP profit per hour. Find items that PKers and other impatient Runescape players use and just simply buy low and sell high. If you’re a good merchanter you can make rs gold while you sleep! Put in an offer to buy at 10% under the market value and when you wake up try to sell it between 5-10% over what you paid for it. If you take advantage of the Grand Exchange while you use other osrs money making methods, you will earn more and more gold making the goal of getting a bond accomplishable.

Part 2: P2P OSRS Moneymaking from a low level account

The real OSRS Money making begins!

Now that you’re a P2P OSRS player, you will have access to money making methods that will be significantly more efficient than a F2P player. If you don’t have starting cash left after purchasing your membership bond, you can head to Edgeville in a Bounty Hunter world to begin making 2007scape GP. Head to the wilderness and look for places other players have died. If you’re feeling lucky go to the western portion of the Bounty hunters and try to see if you can loot some high level armor and weapons. Sometimes looters can get Dharok’s pieces and even Godswords when both players die simultaneously! While you wait to find a spot where a player drops, you can loot Amethyst arrows and other small items that are left behind by other players. If you have mage levels you can actually start killing other looters. Use a magic potion to increase your mage level and try to use fire strike to 1 shot low level looters. If you are looting in a Bounty Hunter world you may even get lucky and be able to get Mysterious Emblems if you kill your target. This method can bring in almost 800k GP per hour. Once you’ve built up your rsgp stack you should now go to the Grand Exchange and sell everything.

Training your other skills to unlock Quests and Areas

Although looting other player’s items in PVP can be very profitable (sometimes amazingly profitable if you’re able to get a big drop) your account will need to train other stats in order to access other game content. Buy enough Runes and then head to the Lava Dragon Isle in the wilderness. Make sure you have a Looting bag, if you don’t kill rats or skeletons until they drop one. The drop rate for a looting bag is 1/30. After you obtain a looting bag head to the lava dragons and proceed to safe spot them using fire strike until you have enough gold to train your crafting level. Your time at Lava Dragons shouldn’t be that long as they drop very good loot for even players without high combat stats. If you don’t plan on making your account a pure, you can bury the Lava Dragon bones on the isle to get protection prayers. Check out this post on Reddit for the most optimal and efficient way to obtain a Quest Cape. You probably won’t need to be this precise.

Making money with Crafting

Once you have enough gold to train your crafting head back to the Grand Exchange. To get your crafting up you will need to buy cowhides, a needle, and thread. Make the leather item that your crafting level allows and until you reach around 48 crafting. Currently one of the best items to craft is making amulet of chemistry. This OSRS money making method not only has a great profit per hour, it also helps trains skills that you need in order to complete quests in the future. You will increase your crafting level as well as magic level by making the amulets. After you’ve made enough rs gold you can now begin to start enjoying the game. Either start on a few quests or start training your combat stats.

RSgoldstop tip: Find Quests that give experience for efficient progression

Make sure you identify quests that give a lot of combat experience that don’t have prerequisites. Examples are: Waterfall Quest, Tree Gnome Village, Vampire Slayer, and Fight Arena. These quests will take out a large portion of your early level grind and make the game far more enjoyable. If you complete all of these quests you should have 40 attack and 40 strength. These quests only take around 2 hours to complete but if you were to level your combat stats by training on low level monsters it might take you 4 or more hours to get the same stats. Find similar quests that give a lot of experience in other skills to make the most of your time training.

An alternative way to make money: Catering to Rich Players


Rich RS players, make money off these guys...
Who wouldn’t like to make money off this guy. He seems to have money to spare


The next osrs money making method that we will be going over is making unfinished potions after completion of Druidic Ritual. This method has been around for a long time but it still makes a ton of rsgp per hour. While it doesn’t grant a ton of skilling experience like our crafting method, this method is significantly more profitable. If you find an unfinished potion that is in demand you can make over 1M gp per hour. Making these unfinished potions caters to rich Runescape players that want to train their Herblore quickly. If you’re looking for another way to make good money but not increase your account’s progress, you can tan dragonhides in Al Karid as well. Find the dragonhide that has the largest margin after getting tanned and tan all of the hides. Traditionally this method should generate almost 900k OSRS GP per hour but it extremely boring and click intensive.

Making sure you progress your RS account

As you make more and more money on Old School Runescape you will need to start considering leveling up your combat stats. Most of the methods that we have gone over are strictly for making the most money on OSRS as possible. We will now progress to more combat-oriented money making methods. Evaluate where your account stands in terms of strength and then find the most optimal spot to begin training. Chaos Druids in the Edgeville dungeon has been a great spot to train your early combat levels. That should be a good overview on how to get a great OSRS starting gold stack from level 3. Hopefully, you have found this article to be informative. If you have any ideas or suggestions that can improve our guide, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.one day your runescape character will look like this

Wrap up: Now you’re free to explore Gielinor

As always, thank you for reading. If you want to check out some more OSRS Money making methods, be sure to check out our articles under “News”. If you’re a player that doesn’t have enough time to grind out rs gold in the game themselves, be sure to check out our site for the cheapest osrs gold. Want to make RSGP by yourself but don’t want to grind countless hours to level up your skills? Purchase one of our quality hand leveled account so you can enjoy your free time without worrying about being at a disadvantage here. If you have a need in Runescape, RSgoldstop.com is here to serve. Find out why we are the best choice for all of your OSRS related needs.

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