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Comprehensive OSRS 1 to 99 Fishing Guide


Hello everyone and welcome back. RSgoldstop presents a comprehensive guide for OSRS players looking to achieve 99 fishing on Runescape.
Whether you’re a mobile or PC player, there will be tips and tricks that will make leveling your fishing a breeze.
If you are looking for other skilling guides, be sure to check out our other guides for runecrafting and mining.
As are all of our guides, we consult the most skilled players around to find out what methods they use to achieve the highest experience rates possible.
If you’re already tired of reading, you may consider our power leveling services to avoid the grind of training your skills. We know some players would rather slay monsters than click on trees!
Now that we got that out of the way let’s start from the beginning.
Useful tips and tricks before you start training your fishing
A few quick FAQs that may astound even the most experienced players:
1. The rate at which you successfully fish will go up as your level up. Jagex has not released an actual formula that can accurately predict yield rates.
2. Even if you’re not going for the coveted 99 fishing skillcape, you will need 96 fishing (boostable) to complete the Morytania Elite Diary series. This requirement is due to the need of having to use Barbarian fishing to catch a shark without a harpoon.
3. If you are planning on training your combat skills, you can use Barbarian Fishing to achieve over 1 million agility and strength experience. Some of the most dedicated fishers have achieved 99 strength without ever attacking a monster.
I wouldn’t recommend trying though; you might grow gray hair before you achieve that goal.
4. At level 61 fishing players will unlock the Dragon Harpoon, a reward from the Chambers of Xeric. This item will increase your fishing efficiency by 20%. That increase is huge! If you have the rs gold to buy it, make sure you do so.
Note: the dragon harpoon does only work on fish that can be caught with a regular harpoon.
Adding a smouldering stone to the dragon harpoon will grant players a 1/3 chance to cook a fish when caught.  Players will gain cooking experience.
The dragon harpoon also has a special attack that boosts player’s fishing level by 3. The boost results in players being able to access end-game content earlier than they would otherwise be able to.
5. Barbarian Fishing requires players to have 15 agility and 15 strength. To unlock the skill, you will need to speak to Otto. This tactic enables players to have an additional inventory space as well as passive agility and strength training.
Once you have unlocked access to Barbarian Fishing, you can use a knife on the fish you catch to get cooking experience and bait. By removing the need to bank your catch, experience rates shoot up drastically.
6. Fashionscape Angler Outfit. The outfit is only useful if players are looking to go past level 99. If you’re normal like the rest of us, the gear is simply an added piece for your fashionscape wardrobe.
7. Fishing at the Fishing Guild gives players a +7 invisible fishing bonus!
Skip the tedious early levels of fishing (catching shrimp is somewhat underwhelming) through Questing
Here is a list of quests that grant fishing experience, effectively allowing players to skip to endgame fishing training methods without catching anything!
Sea Slug, Fremennik Trials, Recipe For Disaster, Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, Fishing Contest, Rum Deal, Hero’s Quest, and Swan Song.
Some of these quests require many skills so they may be out of reach for the beginner fisherman.

The journey to level 99 Fishing begins!


you'll be at this pier a lot if you follow this 1 to 99 fishing guide

Level 1 to level 24 – completing the quest: Sea Slug
Players that have membership access can complete the quest if they have 30 fire making.
This quest allows players to skip the tedious levels of fishing and skip right into fly fishing – which if done correctly can result in some of the highest experience rates right off the bat!

Level 24 to 58 – Fly fishing at Lumbridge or Barbarian Village
Players will start at around 25k XP per hour and end at 35k XP per hour when they hit 50 fishing.
Expect to use 4000 feathers to finish this step of the guide.
Check this comprehensive list of fly fishing locations.
Level 58 to 99 fishing – Catching leaping fish using Barbarian Fishing
If you’re confused at why we are starting fly fishing at level 58 instead of level 48 you are not alone.
RSgoldstop recommends waiting until level 58 fishing to start Barbarian Fishing because the experience rates at the early levels are drastically lower than that at level 58.
Think of it as an exponential function instead of a linear one.
Supplies needed: You will need to buy around 210K feathers or bait (you can obtain bait by using a knife on the fish you catch).
RSgoldstop tip: depending on how advanced of a player you are, you can either 3-tick fish or just stick with regular fishing methods.
3-ticking will drastically increase your experience per hour (50%+) but will require your full attention to perform correctly.
Regular fishing will allow you to play on an alt account or even semi-AFK.
Here’s a guide for 3-ticking. It’s a bit much for me but if you want to be the best Runescape player you can be, learn it now as it can be useful for other skills.
Note: Fishing is usually a 5 tick process but players can use items to shorten it to 3 ticks. This will save players 1.2 seconds on average for each successful manipulation.

Making money while training fishing


If you’re a player that doesn’t have a bolstering bank full of Runescape gold, consider using these methods to earn some gold for your other adventures in Gielienor.
Stockpiling monkfish at Piscatoris
Once you hit 62 fishing, you will be able to fish for monkfish. If you stick with monkfish all the way until level 99 fishing, you will make upwards of 30M!
The downside is that you will be spending almost three times the amount of time getting your skill cape.
Shark-tamer at level 76 fishing 
cooked shark
Once you hit level 76, you will be able to fish for sharks.
Some of the places to fish include the Fishing Guild, Jatizso, and Catherby.
This method used to be decent money, but after the introduction of resource drops in PVM content like Zulrah and Raids, the profit you can expect has fallen drastically.
Catching Anglerfish to feed hungry PVP players

fishing moneymaking by catching anglerfish

Similar to the Rocktail from RS3, this fish is a necessity for serious PVPers.
If you start fishing for them at level 82 fishing, you will make around 100M by the time you get to level 99.
Note: this requires 100% favour with the Piscarilius House.

Recent Fishing Guild expansion – catching minnows at level 82


If you have the Angler Outfit, you will unlock the Minnow Fishing platform in the Fishing Guild.
Unlike the other money making methods, players receive a decent hourly experience rate ranging from 35-55K XP per hour. Players can also expect to make around 60m as you can trade minnows for sharks.
Caging for Dark Crabs in the Wilderness Resource Area – level 85 to 99
If you like a little bit of risk, you can train your fishing and make some money catching dark crabs. Be careful though, PKers will often try to find skillers here. Make sure you pay attention otherwise you risk losing all of the crabs you caught!

Free to Play 1-99 Fishing Path


1-20: start by fishing shrimp and anchovies around Lumbridge or Draynor Village.
20-99: Catch trout and salmon at Barbarian Village (you can bank the fish you catch in Edgeville) or in Lumbridge.
40-99: Catch lobsters at Musa Point on Karamja. You will need 30 gold to travel from Port Sarim to Karamja!
35-99: Harpooning Tuna and Swordfish at Karamja.

You’ve made it! You’re now one of the few players that have a fishing cape. Go you!
We hope you’ve enjoyed this OSRS skilling guide. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We want to make sure our players have access to requisite resources to progress in Runescape.
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