OSRS Fire Cape Service

Cheap OSRS Fire Cape Service

Tired of trying to defeat Jad in the fight caves? Let one of our seasoned OSRS veterans get you a fire cape. Stop using up supplies and use that same amount of gold and buy a Fire Cape at RSgoldstop.com. Stop wasting time doing things on Runescape that you don’t like and start enjoying the game.

What is a Fire Cape?

This untradeable item was released in 2005 alongside the Fight Caves. The Fire Cape was considered a huge status symbol when it came to Runescape players. The item has been long sought after by Pkers and PvMers alike. Due to the difficulty in completing the fight caves, this item has become a status symbol in OSRS. Players that have this item gain an addition 4 strength bonus, which allows them an advantage when it comes to PvP and PvM.

In addition to offense bonus, the Fire Cape also provides players with significant defensive bonuses. The Fire cape also has an in-game animation when worn. This makes the cape desired by fashionscape players as well.

How do I buy an OSRS Fire Cape?

If you’re a player that is looking to take your game to the next level, you can purchase a Fire Cape via PayPal or G2A Pay. Simply add the relevant product to your cart. Make sure you select the correct skills otherwise our team won’t be able to start your order.

Before placing an order please confirm with our live chat to ensure prompt delivery. Most of the time our players will get your fire cape within 24 hours but if we are experiencing high demand it might take longer. Please make sure you in game character has the correct items available in the your inventory. We don’t need a bank pin to complete your order.

What stats do I need?

We have services available for all players. Our team have found out the Fight Cave secrets and are able to defeat Jad on any account. Of course, the price will change depending on your stats. If you’re looking for a Prayer-less cape, the cost will be higher. If you want a fire cape on your pure, it would cost more than a main. If you need any help finding the package that suits your needs don’t hesitate to contact our livechat for assistance.

What Equipment do I need?

In order for our team to get a fire cape on your account, you will need to have the following items. Please equip Zamorak Coif, Black D’hide armor, Blessed Boots, Blowpipe or Armadyl Crossbow, 18 Super Restore Potions, 4 Range Potions, 6 Saradomin Brews, an Amulet of Fury, and either an Ava’s Accumulator or a God Cloak. 

If you want to use different armor or weapons, please make sure you let us know. The better the gear you let us use, the faster we can complete the job. Our team usually takes around 4 hours to complete each order but we may take longer depending on workload. If you want to purchase OSRS gold to have better equipment we also offer the best prices for Runescape gold.