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Comprehensive OSRS Farming Guide for 2018

What is Farming on OSRS?

osrs farming 2018

Hello readers! Today RSgoldstop will be writing another OSRS skill guide. This article will be a detailed OSRS farming guide for 2018. If you’re like me, farming is a skill that didn’t interest me when I first started playing Runescape, but as the game advanced and quests like Monkey Madness 2 and Dragon Slayer 2 are released and require many skills to start the quest, even PvP oriented players are leveling up non combat skills to gain access to best in slot weapons and armor. A quick summary of the Farming skill is in order to make sure our readers are all on the same page.

Farming is a non-combat skill on Old School Runescape that allows players to plant seeds and other crops. As with all skills on Runescape, the usefulness of the crops will directly relate with your farming level.  When you first start training your farming, you will see that the returns on investment are very minimal. Sometimes you will actually lose rs gold in the early levels. As you progress and level up your farming, you will get access to crops that are very lucrative and require little daily time investments.

One of the most beneficial aspects of farming on RS is that you don’t need to pay attention after you plant your crops. This makes farming a great option for players that want to supplement their daily Runescape income through daily runs. Most players find that they can simply plant a batch of herbs at the various patches around the game and then go about their day while the crops fulling grow. Please note that in order to make adding Farming worthwhile to your daily OSRS moneymaking routine you will need to have a comprehensive understanding of the most efficient ways to perform your daily farming runs.

Visit the Old School Runescape Wiki for the most in depth information. This OSRS farming guide is just a summary of the most important topics. After a reader finishes this article they should be able to go from 1 to 99 farming in no time.

OSRS Farming Quests

If you’re still at level 1 farming we highly recommend completing the following quests (assuming you have the relevant prerequisites). By making sure you skip the early levels you will save a ton of time when it comes to leveling your farming.

  1. Recipe for Disaster (Goblin Part) – If you have started Recipe for disaster, make sure you complete this sub quest. There are no prerequisites and you can quickly go from 1-9 farming by completing the quest. This quest will grant 1,000 Farming experience.
  2. Fairytale Part 1. – This quest is useful when it comes as not only does it have no Farming level requirements to complete, you also will gain the Magical Secateurs which increase your crop yield by 10%.
  3. Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf – after you get level 17 farming you can start this quest by speaking to Commandar Veldaban in Keldagrim. This quest will give you 5000 farming experience.
  4. Garden of Tranquility – The quest requires 25 Farming to complete. It also provides 5000 farming experience.
  5. My Arm’s Big Adventure – Players need 29 Farming in order to complete this quest as well as 10 Woodcutting. The reward is 5000 Farming experience.
  6. Enlightened Journey – 3000 farming experience.
  7. Rum Deal – 7000 farming experience
  8. Grim Tales – 4000 farming experience.

If you want to maximize efficiency when it comes to leveling your farming level and making progress on your account via quests you can potentially skip all the way to level 33 farming without planting a single crop. Follow the order until you complete My Arm’s Big Adventure and you will find yourself at 33 Farming. Talk about an easy OSRS farming guide to skip the grind of early game farming. Another possibility for players that can’t stand non interactive skill training is playing the Sorceress Garden mini game found in Al-Karid. You can gather Sq’irk Fruits which yield 25 XP per herb.

Quests that are recommended for better Farming efficiency

While the quests listed above will give you farming experience, this next list actually don’t provide any direct farming experience as rewards. These quests all make traveling between your crops significantly faster so you should consider completing these quests early on.

  1. Ghost’s Ahoy – this quest will give you access to the Ectophial which will teleport you close to the herb patch West of Port Phasmatys.
  2. Lunar Diplomacy: Access to the lunar spell book that provides access to spells like Cure Plant (removes diseases from your Farming patch). The lunar spell book also has great teleports for farming.
  3. Mourning’s End Pt. 1: You will gain an additional fruit tree patch upon completion of this quest.
  4. Bone Voyage: Access to a hardwood trees patch.

Other than these quests you should also get 50% Hosidius Favour to obtain a disease-free alloment, flower, and herb patch. You can easily get the favour by just pushing the till. Completing the Lumbridge Achievement diaries will give you access to the explorer’s ring which will provide teleports to the cabbage patch near Falador.

What are the basics of Farming on OSRS?

Now that you’re around level 30 farming you will need to start to learn the fundamentals when it comes to leveling up farming in OSRS. We’re going to go over the various Farming bonuses you should consider obtaining to speed up the XP you get per hour.

Since you’ve already completed Fairytale Part 1, you have access to the Magic Secateurs. These will be a staple in your training as they generate 10% more yield from allotments, flowers, and herb patches. While 10% doesn’t seem like a ton, remember that the journey to 99 farming is a grind and you will need to find every bonus you can or else you will go insane.

If you have a moment, check out this OSRS farming guide for beginners. It’ll give you a brief overview that will help you understand the methods we go over in this article.

Importance of Diaries for OSRS Farming

If you have completed the various Kandarin Diaries (Camelot Diaries) you will get an incremental increase in yield at the Catherby Patch depending on how far along you are in the Diaries. Your bonus yield will range from 5%-15%.

Amulet of Bounty – released in February 2017, this low level amulet will allow you to potentially save seeds when planting them. Each time you plant a seed this amulet will prevent the use of a seed 25% of the time. Since it only costs 382 GP on the Grand Exchange and the expected value can be in the thousands, players looking to make more money while farming should always use this item when performing their farming runs. The amulet holds 10 charges before crumbling to dust.

Farmer’s Outfit: Once you have 34 farming you can purchase the outfit at the Tithe Farm shop with 400 points. While it does not have combat benefits the set complements the Magic Secateurs.

Diaries to maximize travel between farming patches

Falador Diaries: Like the Kandarin Diaries, the Falador diaries also provide great farming benefits at the Falador patch. Not only do you get 10% more XP on your harvest there is also a 0% chance your tree will become diseased. Imagine paying 250k for one magic tree seed only to have to become diseased.

Morytania Diaries: If you happen to have completed the elite morytania diaries, you will be granted access to an additional herb patch. This will not only increase the total amount of XP you can gain in a day but also add another patch for your daily farm runs.

Note: If you complete the Ardougne diaries you can also get unlimited teleports to various patches around the game. This will save a ton of time when it comes to traveling between your crops.

Important items for Farming on OSRS

The basic tools you will need to for training farming on OSRS can be found here. We recommend purchasing every single one of these at the Grand Exhange before you start training as they are all mandatory for maximum efficiency. You will need a Rake, Spade, Watering Can, Seed Dibber, Gradening Trowel, Secateurs, Basket, Empty Sack, and Empty Plant Pot. Note: If you are an ironman you can purchase these at various farming shops found around the game. The easiest one I use is farming shop located north of Catherby.

Compost – the recommended method for compost is using Super Composts. If you need to get them you can buy pineapples from the charter ships and place them in compost bins. It is a 1 to 1 trade rate so if you put in 10 pineapples you will get 10 super composts. Not only do you get easy supercomposts, you will also gain some farming experience.

At later levels you can consider depositing watermelons. If you have access to the Lunar Spell book you can just use the Fertile Soil spell to avoid having to make the compost runs (if you’re a rich player that just wants fast experience simply buy them off the GE). Treating your crops with compost is important because it reduces the chances of your crop becoming diseased as well as increasing the average yield of your patch. This is very important when you start using expensive seeds. Note: if your crop gets diseased you can use the new Arceuus spellbook to cure the disease and save your crop.

1-99 Farming Guide

Tithe Farm vs Herb Patches

With the release of the Great Kourend area you can play the Tithe Farm minigame after you achieve 100% favour in the Hosidius house. This is a way to complement your longer crop maturity patches to maximize your farming experience. Not only do you save money on seeds you can actually achieve up to 100k farming experience per hour. It’s a great way to get constant experience. Use your Xeric’s Talsiman for a quick Tithe Farm teleport.

You will also gain access to rewards like the Farmer’s Outfit, Auto Weed, Watering Can, and Seed Box as prizes for completing the mini game. You can use these items on your other farming training methods so we recommend you consider Tithe Farm just to get these items. If you have never been the Zeah you can easily access the island by buying a Skills Necklace from the GE and teleporting to the Woodcutting guild.

Farming Run Paths

OSRS Herb Patch Runs:

Dan S has a cool efficient Herb Run Guide. Here’s his farm optimal route for decent efficiency.

Harmony Island > Trollheim > Morytania > Ardougne > Catherby > Hosidius > Cactus spines > Poison Ivy Berries

OSRS Fruit Tree Runs:

There are 5 major patch locations for planting trees. Palm trees and Magic trees have the best farming experience rates in the game but is very expensive.

Tree Gnome Stronghold > Lumbridge > Varrock > Taverly > Falador.

When considering your route make sure you plan it accordingly to sync with  your Fruit tree runs.

Here’s an example of Seerz’ example farm run for maximum efficiency.

The first patch we will go to is the Tree Gnome Stronghold using a spirit tree and heading east to the patch found north of the Agility training center. Collect your harvest and pay the farmer to clear the patch. Once the patch is clear you can plant another sapling and pay Bolongo some pineapple so he watches your patch. Now you will run south to the next patch that’s is found right next to Nieve. Go back to the spirit tree and make your way to Tree Gnome Village. Talk to Elkoy to travel right outside and use the Fruit tree patch.

Now that you’ve completed the first portion of Seerz’ tree run teleport to falador and go to the tree patch found in the Falador park. Go to Taverly and to access to the tree patch. Proceed to the Lumbridge tree patch and then finally teleport to Varrock. Finally you can either go to Llyeta, Brimhaven, Catherby to wrap up the run. Once you get 72 farming you can go to the  Calquat tree patch once per hour. This last patch actually yields 12K farming experience instantly so make sure you incorporate it into your daily tree run!

Note: With the release of Fossil Island you can also use the Teak and Mahogany tree patches. However these patches will take 4 days to mature.

Here’s a great OSRS 1-99 Farming guide on Youtube.


Special Patch Locations:

  1. Hardwood Tree Patch found on Fossil Islandfossil island hardwood patch
  2. Cactus – Found in Al Kharid. Easy to access using the Duel Arena teleport via Ring of Duellingal kharid cactus patch
  3. Calquat – Use this patch to get some great XP. Easy access via Brimhaven redirection tablet.calquat farming patch
  4. Rimmington Patch- make sure you move your Player owned house to Rimmington and you can access this patch quickly.
  5. Champion’s Guild – if you have a combat bracelet equipped you can quickly teleport to the Champion’s guild patch or use a Chronicle for easy access to this bush patch.

Singular Patches: Harmony island and Troll Stronghold (teleport to Trollheim). The Troll Stronghold herb patch has an added benefit: your seed will never die and you will have a maximum yield each time you use this patch.

Allotment, Flower, and Herb Patch Locations

Catherby – Use a Catherby Teleport if you have access to the Lunar Spell book

Fishing Guild:Access this patch using an Ardougne Cape or Skills Necklace

Falador – South of Falador. Easy access using Glory/Skills Necklace/ or Explorer’s Ring

Port Phasmatys – Access using Ectophial

Optimal Equipment for maximizing Farming XP Per hour

Your character should be specced out to allow for maximize efficiency if you’re trying to get 99 Farming. Make sure you get as many of these items as you can as it will greatly increase the experience you gain per hour.

  1. Farmer’s Outfit: When you wear the full outfit you gain 2.5% more experience in all Farming activities.
  2. Penance Gloves: Grants -4.5 KG weight reduction compared to -3 on graceful gloves.
  3. Mud Battlestaff: Saves 2 inventory spots when you are using Lunar Spells during your farming runs
  4. Tome of Fire: Allows you to save an inventory spot when using Lunar Spell book
  5. Xeric’s Talisman: Obtain one by slaying Lizardmen on Zeah. Charge it with Lizardman fangs. This allows for quick teleport to the Hosidius Patch
  6. Dueling Ring: Cheap way to teleprot to cactus spine patch in Al-karid as well as bank access at Castle Wars
  7. Farming Cape: 5% bonus yield on all herb patches

OSRS Farming Tricks:

  1. When collecting herbs make sure you spam click in order to gain max yield on your harvest. Once you get the herbs make sure you clean them before handing them to the farmer because they are worth slightly more.
  2. Have a preset order for your daily farm runs to prevent going to a patch that you have already harvested.
  3. Prioritize patches that will free up inventory spots on your runs.
  4. Bring some unfletched darts to gain fletching experience while making your farm runs (this is only for you hardcore gamers)
  5. Organize a tab in your bank for quick farm run inventory set ups.

Check our this awesome video on Farming ticks by Eetsk if you want to maximum your farming efficiency.

You made it!

We hope you have enjoyed RSgoldstop’s OSRS Farming Guide. We have researched the various methods available to ensure this guide is up to date with the latest methods available in 2018. If you liked it be sure to check our other OSRS Guides. They are free!

If you want want to get 99 farming but don’t have time, be sure to check our website for the cheapest OSRS Gold around.


Here’s a user friendly calculator to check how many seeds you need to buy.





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