OSRS Crafting Guide: Affordable 1-99 [2018’s Best Methods]

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Looking for the best ways to train your crafting on OSRS?

RSgoldstop presents another skill training guide for 2018. Whether you’re looking to make money crafting or simply wanting to knock out a few skilling prerequisites, this OSRS Crafting guide will take you on the long and arduous journey to level 99 crafting.

Before we begin, please check out our other OSRS Skilling guides. If you’re interested in learning the best methods for Runecrafting, Mining, or even Farming we have them posted on our site. We want to make sure you can find everything you need at RSgoldstop.com.

As always, if you’re starting on a fresh Runescape account, you’ll want to find the easiest ways to skip the early levels of crafting. The experience per hour players can expect in the beginning is generally atrocious, so by completing quests, you will be able to speed up your progress significantly.

Unlike our other skilling guides, there are actually a ton of quests that will reward players with easy crafting experience. The ones that we deem mandatory are the quests that give more than 1K experience. If you’re a player that wants to eventually complete a quest cape or access high-level content, you should knock out the quests right now for maximum efficiency.

osrs crafting guide: tips and tricks

Completing Quests to skip early crafting levels

The first quest that we recommend beginner crafters complete is the Enlightened Journey quest. While it is considered a medium length quest, this one is crucial for players to complete because it allows players to access the hot air balloon network for quick transportation. Players who complete this quest will be able to access crafting hotspots alongside easy banking via Castle Wars using a ring of dueling.

Another mandatory quest that crafters must complete is the Fremennik Trials. This quest not only provides 2,812 crafting experience but is also a prerequisite for end game content. Nature Spirit is also a quest that is crucial for your account’s development so knocking that quest out of the way will yield a quick 3,000 crafting XP. Remember, crafting at early levels is a complete gold sink. The fastest available at lower crafting levels can cost hundreds of K per hour.

Elemental Workshop 1 and 2 are another set of quests that will take you significantly less time than training your skills at lower levels. These pair of quests will only take experienced players 30 minutes to complete but will grant 12.5k crafting experience as a reward. An added bonus upon completion is the ability to craft elemental armor and shields! The final quest that we deem mandatory is the Hand in the Sand quest. The only additional prerequisite for this quest is 17 thieving so it can be a great way to take a break from click intensive crafting training.

OSRS Crafting guide for Ironmen

Another consideration players should make is if they are training their runecrafting. If players train on Zeah they can get from 1-80 crafting as a result of 99 runecrafting. This will save a ton of time if you know you’re going for a max cape.


Is your account an Ironman? If it is we highly recommend completing every single crafting experience quest available. You will save countless hours with the experience rewards as you will no longer have to collect raw materials to train your crafting.

Leatherworks: Level 1-33

Starting off the OSRS Crafting guide we have the first item you have access to. If you followed the initial recommendations and completed as many quests as possible, you can likely skip this step entirely. However, if you don’t have the prerequisite to complete some of the quests we recommend, you may have to grind out these early levels. Luckily for players, crafting experience rates are some of the highest in the game. While you need a ton of rs gold for the best experience rates, players that don’t have that much wealth can also see rates ranging from 25k-50k XP per hour.

Make sure you acquire as much leather as you can. If you are on a budget and need to save money you can actually tan the hides yourself. Another money-saving measure is looting cowhides that bots drop in the Lumbridge cow pen. At level 7 crafting you can start crafting gold bracelets, which are the best experience until your character hits level 18 at which point you can craft leather chaps for up to 50k experience per hour.

If you want to start making money immediately, you can sacrifice higher experience rates to realize profit while training. Gold bracelets are only slightly worse in terms of experience per hour but players can make a decent amount of GP if they choose to make bracelets of leather chaps.

Glassblowing using Molten Glass: Level 33-54

The next method in our OSRS crafting guide will require access to members. F2P players will likely have stick with gold bracelets or leather items but members will now be able to use a glassblowing pipe to create items using molten glass. If you’re an ironman you can obtain a pipe on Entrana, take one from a player-owned house, or purchase one from a charter ship. Players can also create their own molten glass by using a bucket of sand and seaweed on a range to save money while training their crafting.
Glassworks will generally not produce any profit while training crafting but the experience rates are amazing. Players will see XP rates starting at 54K per hour and rising to 92K per hour once they hit level 46 crafting. The initial levels will result in very high GP losses due to vials and fishbowls being almost useless for the vast majority of the players. Once you hit 46 crafting you can begin crafting unpowered orbs. If you’re planning on training your magic level later you can save these orbs as they can be charged in Edgeville dungeon for magic experience and profit.

Big Baller Jeweler: Level 20-99

Players that have huge banks are able to achieve the best crafting experience rates in the game by cutting gems. A player can cut up to 2640 gems per hour if they don’t miss a click. This results in astronomical experience rates even at early levels. Players are able to achieve up to 350K crafting experience per hour if they start cutting Dragonstone at level 55.
This method is not for anyone as you will lose hundreds of M on your journey to level 99 crafting. Protip: although the cost of this method is high, you can basically AFK after ordering your character to craft the entire inventory. This means you can play on your other accounts and make money through other methods while training your crafting. This would offset the money you lose and allow you to progress your accounts the most efficient way possible.

Making money crafting in 2018

If you’re a player that doesn’t have bills to spend on maxing their stats you will need to find the best money making methods to train your crafting. An easy way to make money while training crafting is crafting bolt tips from cut gemstones. The demand for bolt tips like dragonstone, amethyst, and diamond are constant due to their power in PVM situations. Of course, the experience you gain from doing this method pales in comparison to cutting gems but you will actually earn gold using this method. The profit per hour will be highly dependent on Grand Exchange prices so make sure you calculate how much the bolt tips will sell for before investing in a ton of cut gems.

You can find a great OSRS Crafting calculator here!

Protip: each cut gemstone will produce 12 bolt tips. If you want to subsidize the cost of training crafting, you can purchase uncut gems and craft them into bolt tips after cutting them.
With the release of the Mining Guild expansion, amethyst has become the highest tier of gemstones in Runescape. Due to the power of the completed items, players can achieve high experience rates converting cut Amethyst into bolt tips, javelin heads, and arrowheads.

Making money cutting gems

Low-level gems found on Shilo Village can actually produce a profit after players achieve higher crafting. Players will have a lower chance of crushing a gem, resulting in high experience rates with marginal profits from cutting gems like opal, topaz, and jade. Check out this guide to see what crafting level is needed to prevent high failure rates.
Crafting Dragonhide bodies

An old school method of training crafting is creating dragonhide body pieces. Players will have to research leather prices to find the best option for maximum experience and minimal gold loss. Each dragonhide body requires 3 dragon hides to make. Crafters in the normal old school servers will usually lose money using this training method but if you’re a player that is training crafting for Deadman seasonal or Deadman tournament, being the first player to have the crafting level to create dragonhide bodies can be very lucrative.
Training your crafting using d’hide bodies will run you anywhere from 3.7 GP/XP to 7.5 GP/XP. This is significantly lower than the 15GP+ you would spend using gemstones.

Crafting battlestaves: Level 54-99

If used glassblowing to train your early crafting levels you should have a stockpile of uncharged orbs to use for this method. Players will need to have magic levels in order to charge the orbs on elemental altars but this method is cheaper than crafting d’hide bodies. At level 66, players can expect to only spend 4 GP/XP when crafting battlestaves while achieving 350k+ XP per hour.

Making money crafting Zenyte Jewelry

Once you hit 90+ crafting you will be able to craft the elite Zenyte jewelry. Research the grand exchange to find the items that have the most arbitrage. You will only need a Zenyte shard and an Onyx to create each piece. If you buy the components cheaply you can make a significant amount of money with little time commitment. These end game items are best in slot so the demand for them is fairly steady. Historic trends indicate that the prices of these pieces of jewelry rise when new PVM content is about to be released.

Making snakeskin shields for high alchemy

Another method player can use to make money while training crafting is making snakeskin shields. Players can expect to achieve around 75k XP per hour using this method but due to the low price of snakeskin due to the introduction of Zulrah, players can make a profit by high alching the shields for a quick profit. The best snakeskin item to craft is snakeskin boots due to their usefulness for PVM and PVP purposes.

Maximum efficiency tips: multitasking skills

If you’re a player that values efficiency, you should consider completing bolts and arrows. This method uses stackable components so you can be training almost any skill while leveling your crafting and fletching.

Finding newly released Jewelry to make money training your crafting

With the release of additional jewelry items, players can find low volume items on the Grand Exchange to craft for extremely high profits. Players should do research on upcoming updates to the game and find out what items are most useful for them.

One recent example is the introduction of the revenant caves. Because burning amulets are items that significantly increase the total amount of trips a player can make each hour, the demand for the amulets shot through the roof. Players were buying uncut Topaz for 2.3k each and selling a completed amulet for over 5K! Warning: certain jewelry items may show a high price on the Grand Exchange but are not actively traded. Try buying and selling an item before purchasing a ton of supplies. Historically high demand jewelry items include sapphire rings and emerald rings as the enchanted versions are very useful. Crafting these items are also available in F2P! This means players looking to earn a bond can use this method to earn gold.

Congrats on level 99 crafting!

this can be you if you get to 99 crafting

Unlike training runecrafting or mining, this skill can be done extremely quickly. We hope you have found this osrs crafting guide to be useful. As always, if you have any specific questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to post a comment below.

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