OSRS Construction Guide [2018’s Best Methods 1-99]

this is rsgoldstop's osrs guide on construction. find out how to get to level 99 with the best methods

Looking for the best 99 Construction guide on Old School Runescape?

You’ve come to the right place. Today we are going to be going over the methods that experienced Runescape players use to get to 99 construction. While the journey will be long and arduous, if you follow these steps you will obtain that awesome skill cape!

We want to make sure that this is a comprehensive guide to achieving the construction level of your dreams. If you’re looking for other OSRS skilling guides, check out our Runecrafting, Mining, and Crafting guides!

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What is Construction?

Construction is one of the few skills on Runescape that does not require interaction with other players. After you have either purchased or gathered the building materials, you will be training in a generated instance. That means you won’t be interacting with other players during your training. While this may seem like death, training construction can unlock many items that are very useful for both PVP and PVM. Features like the ornate rejuvenation pool have become necessary for playing the game at maximum efficiency.

Construction is a members-only skill that players will gain access to by visiting a real estate agent and purchasing a house plot. Players can then decide where they want their house to be located (many players choose Yanille or Rimmington due to the proximity to the rest of  Gielinor). As with all skills on Runescape, players start with a very basic house, and as they progress to higher construction levels they will unlock access to more extravagant rooms and accents!

RSGoldstop note: when you’re training construction you will receive static experience for each type of plank you use. The XP rates will range from 29 per regular plank all the way up to 140 XP per mahogany plank.

Now that you know what construction is, let’s jump right into the best ways to level up!

If you prefer to watch a guide, Theoatrix offers some pretty up to date videos for Runescape!

Your first construction milestone – House Setup

If you don’t have a house purchased yet, you will need to go to one of the estate agents located around Runescape.

There are 5 in total that is easily accessible: Varrock, Falador, East Ardougne, Seers’ Village, and the Hosidius House on Zeah.

You will need to have 1,000 gold to purchase the lot. Once you have decided on the location you want your house to be based out of; you can select what type of exterior style you want.

Using Butlers to speed up your experience rates

Players that have a lot of in-game wealth can also consider hiring butlers from the Ardougne Marketplace to help speed up their construction training. Butlers are NPCs that will run to the bank for you so you can train without stopping to resupply.

Players will also need to have at least two rooms in their house before they can hire a butler (the worker has to sleep somewhere!).

There are currently type types of butlers that a player can hire. At level 40 construction you will unlock the human butler. This butler requires 12 seconds to bank 20 items and will cost you 5,000 gold every eight trips.

At level 50 construction players will unlock the capability to hire a demon butler. The demon butler is significantly faster, averaging 7.2 seconds to bank up to 26 items! This efficiency comes at a cost, with the demon butler charging players 10,000 gold every eight trips.

Because the butlers charge a high amount, we recommend players refraining from use in the early stages of training. Instead, you should be putting your house either in Rimmington or using the General Store at Phials for easy resupplying.

If you have already started training your construction prior to reading this guide, use this calculator to see how many planks you will need!

Apprentice Handyman: Levels 1 to 33

The journey is now beginning. I know you’re as excited as we are! If not, then too bad.

Head to the Grand Exchange and purchase the following items:

400 steel nails, 167 regular planks, and 452 oak planks. (Cost: 175-200k)

These levels will fly by, so make sure you purchase all of the supplies in one go.

You will be using these supplies to make the best furniture your construction level allows. Follow this order: 14 crude wooden chairs > 46 Wooden Chairs > 73 Oak Chairs > 102 Oak Armchairs.

This entire process shouldn’t take very long, and once you have completed this step, you will be well on your way to 99 construction.

The rest of the guide will focus on three different paths that you can take to train your construction depending on how ballin’ your in-game character is.

Pauper’s Method (95M to 99 construction)

This training tree will focus on the most cost-effective ways to get to 99 construction.

Level 33 to 47: Making Oak Larders

After you’ve trained your construction to level 33, you will now make oak larders until 47 construction. You will need to make 119 larders. To do so, purchase 952 oak planks.

Each oak larder will consume eight oak planks but yield 480 experience upon completion. You can expect to spend 400k-500k gp depending on current Grand Exchange prices.

Level 47 to 99: Mounting Mythical Cape Racks (50 Hours)

If you’re intent on saving as much money as possible, you will need to make mythical cape racks all the way up until 99 construction. Using this method means you won’t have the opportunity to train using other methods, but remember, you can always design your house after you have unlocked the capability to build every piece of furniture.

You will need 105,079 teak planks to get to 99 construction. This method will cost players a little under 100m GP to accomplish. Players can expect to achieve anywhere from 250-300k experience per hour if they have a butler running planks for them.

Unfortunately, this method is not for everyone. Players looking to use this method need to complete Dragon Slayer 2 to unlock the training method.

Mounting the capes is cheaper than using oak planks and will yield 123.33 XP per plank. This happens because players will receive XP for simply mounting their mythical cape on the rack. After you successfully build the rack, you will need to remove your cape before repeating the process.

If you haven’t completed Dragon Slayer 2, you can follow these next steps!

Making Oak Larders from level 47 to 74

This step will require players to build 2128 oak larders using 16,583 oak planks. Players can expect to spend around 8M gp upon completion.

Building Oak Dungeon Doors: Level 74 to 99 

After making the oak larders, you can begin building oak dungeon doors all the way to level 99. You will need to purchase a total of 198,970 oak planks to achieve 99 construction.

Each Oak Dungeon door will consume ten oak planks and yield 600 XP.

Players can expect to spend 100m gp and receive almost 500k experience per hour! This makes construction one of the fastest skills in all of OSRS to achieve the maxed level (40 hours).

Proletariat’s Method (120m required)

Building Teak Benches from Level 66 to 99

Players that don’t have ungodly amounts of gold can build Teak Benches once they hit 66 construction. This method will consume a total of 139,314 teak planks and cost players approximately 120m GP (a savings of almost 80m for 5 hours of savings).

Teak benches will yield approximately 750k experience per hour, resulting in a 30-hour investment to achieve 99 construction.

Big Baller Brand Method (190M required)

This method will yield the fastest experience rates but will break many player’s banks!

Building Oak Larders from level 33 to 52

If you don’t have a budget for training, you can start by using 1,757 oak planks to get to level 52 construction. This will cost you 800k but yield around 400k experience per hour.

Making Mahogany Tables from level 52 to 99

This next step will need players to spend almost double the amount that the cost-effective training methods require. Players looking for the fastest way to get to level 99 construction will need to use 92,214 mahogany planks while spending almost 200m gp.

This step will take approximately 20 hours to achieve the 13M XP required for 99. If you are efficient with your clicks and are using a butler, you can achieve up to 750k XP per hour using this method.

No click guide for creating Mahogany Tables

Faster way unlocked at level 77 construction

Building mahogany benches is a method that will be faster than building mahogany tables but is significantly more click intensive. If you simply want to train your construction as fast as possible, then you can consider this method.

Building mahogany benches will yield an experience rate that eclipses 1M XP per hour, resulting in only 15 hours needed to get to 99 construction.

Building Pools for PVP and PVM (Construction Expansion)

We want to add this information in the construction guide as it’s a handy feature that every Runescape player should have access to.

At level 65 construction you will be able to build a superior garden in your house for 75,000 gold. This garden will allow you to build different levels of pools that will restore your stats when needed. Although there is a cooldown between uses, it makes PKing and PVMing very efficient because you can not only restore your hitpoints and prayer level, but you can also regenerate special attack and remove poison and venom.

At level 65 construction you will be able to build a restoration pool. This basic pool is beneficial for PKers as it restores a player’s special attack energy.

Level 70 construction unlocks the Revitalisation pool. Players that have this pool in their house will also gain the ability to restore their run energy.

The Rejuvenation pool is unlocked at level 80 construction. This pool unlocks the ability to restore prayer points!

Level 85 construction allows players to add ten super restores and two marble blocks to their Rejuvenation pool to upgrade it to the Fancy Rejuvenation pool. This pool will now restore reduced stats (Saradomin Brew, stat drains, and more).

Finally, at level 90 players will be able to build the holy grail of pools: the Ornate Rejuvenation pool. This pool offers every feature that previous pools did but will also restore a player’s hitpoints and cure poison and venom.

Players should always start by unlocking access to these pools as it will save them tons of gold throughout their adventure. If training to such high-level construction is currently out of your budget, you can hop to a house party world and use another player’s house to restore your stats before heading out to slay more monsters and players.

Congrats on 99 Construction!

If you have made it this far, I hope you are ready to show off your construction skillcape to all of your friends. We hope you have found our guide to be useful! If you have any suggestions or discover new techniques, we’d love to hear them. Send us a message, and we will be sure to address it as soon as possible!




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