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RSgoldstop’s OSRS Account Shop and Max Main Rentals

Why should you buy OSRS Accounts from RSgoldstop.com?

  1. We have sold tons of accounts over the years and have not had one customer complain about a recovery. Our accounts are all created by the owner of the website and hand trained by a team of professionals. If live support is online, you will receive the account information within 5 minutes and have all of the information changed to your requests. Please note, RSgoldstop.com is not liable for any bans that happen in the game after you take possession of the account. If you’re interested in potentially reselling the account back to us, inform live chat before delivery and we will just change the password. Need some OSRS gold to equip your new RS account? Purchase some gold from us and receive a 5% discount when you purchase an account.
  2. Account Insurance. Once you place an order for an OSRS account at RSgoldstop.com, we make sure we stand behind our product. Although we are sure it will never happen, we offer lifetime support when it comes to unlocking the account.
  3. Why is OSRS account expensive at RSgoldstop? The reason why our accounts cost a little more than competitors is that we are 100% certain the account will not get recovered. By purchasing with us, you ensure an account for life. Why spend a little less on an RS account only to have it recovered after you put hours of hard work into the account? Buy an osrs account with us and enjoy the game with confidence. We provide a lifetime recovery guarantee on each account we sell. That’s how confident we are in our product.

Looking to sell Runescape accounts instantly?

  1. If you are interested in selling your Runescape account to RSgoldstop.com we will refer you to a site like PlayerAuctions. We currently do not buy accounts to ensure that the accounts we sell will never get recovered. In the future, we may allow customers to sell accounts but the only rs account we buy are accounts that you have purchased from us. If you decide to purchase one of our accounts we offer a buyback policy if you do not change the registered email when you buy the rs account. If you change it to your email then we would be unable to accept the rs account return.
  2. Contacted live support and found out we aren’t currently buying accounts?  If you need money now, you can attempt to find a reputable buyer on various gaming forums. If you check our feedback section, you will see links to the forums that we do business on. A few examples like Sythe and Powerbot have a large community of members that participate in RS sales. Make sure the buyer is reputable or use a middleman to ensure your account sale goes smoothly. If you need any tips on how to avoid being scammed, read this article.
  3. Currently, we only work with OSRS accounts due to a lack of demand for RS3 accounts. We may begin to accept RS3 accounts in the future but at this time only OSRS accounts will be considered. We do not purchase accounts from people that do not have a history of selling accounts to maintain the integrity of each rs account we sell.

Looking to rent a OSRS Maxed main?

  1. One of many Runescape player’s favorite past times is to go to the Duel Arena and stake gold. Some of these players will walk away with a fortune, and the others will have to wait until the next time. RSgoldstop offers a maxed main rental service that is not only affordable but also secure. Each one of our max mains was created by the owner of the site. This means you don’t risk having the account recovered when you are winning big. Don’t risk renting a max main from an unreliable source. We know we aren’t the cheapest option available but imagine if you lose your entire bank due to a fraudulent service. Pay a premium now and walk away with that fortune.
  2. We want to work with Stakers! If you’re a frequent max main user RSgoldstop offers free rentals to players who sell us their winnings at the duel arena. We pay out using almost any method you can imagine. Turn your in-game currency to real-world cash by selling gold to us. If you’re interested in selling rsgp to us, click here to chat with a live chat agent.