Once you have determined the quantity of Runescape you are looking to buy, please contact our live support. If live support is not available, delivery will not be instant! After you have confirmed that the gold is ready to be delivered, please check out and pay. Upon successful payment, you may be required to undergo verification. If you are not comfortable with providing a government ID, you must be willing to accept a phone call or show other proof of identity. Please understand this is to make sure we are selling to the authorized payment holder. If you do not wish to undergo verification, we hold the right to refund your payment.

Potential verification means depending on order quantity:

  1. Government Issued ID
  2. Access to registered payment source email
  3. Proof of Visa prepaid gift card
  4. Text message confirmation
  5. Selfie with ID to verify authorization

Once the gold has been delivered to your in-game account, the transaction will be considered complete. We do not offer refunds after the gold has been delivered. We will never ask for any gold back in game. If someone PM’s you in Runescape they are scammers. Do not trade gold back to anyone claiming to be an RSgoldstop.com representative.

We have thousands of feedback on various online forums including: Sythe.org, RSbot, and Powerbot. We have served many customers and we would like our history of success to continue to the future. If you want proof of this feedback, please contact Live Support and they will provide you a link to some of our vouchers posted by third parties.

Once your payment is received, you can contact our Live Support to arrange a delivery. Please make sure the payment has gone through (this means you have received a receipt from either PayPal or another payment processor confirming the payment) before contacting live support. Once our worker confirms the payment we will ask for your Runescape in-game name and will tell you what world to meet us in. There, you will be delivered your gold. Please remember that we will never ask for your gold back once the trade has gone through.

When live support is online, the majority of our orders will be delivered within 5 minutes. If we are offline, please allow 24 hours for delivery. You are entitled to a full refund if you do not wish to wait the 24 hours – just submit an email requesting a refund and it will be processed as soon as a worker receives the message.

Since we are based in the US, the risk of receiving a ban for real-world trading is extremely small. None of our customers have ever received a ban from purchasing gold from us, but once we deliver the gold, we are no longer responsible for any punishments that your account may receive due to RWT.

We accept a wide variety of payments for our products. Our primary payment method will be PayPal (which you can use your credit or debit card with ease). We also accept Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal Cash Cards, Moneypak, Skrill, BTC, Paysafe Card, and many others. If your payment method is not listed here, do not hesitate to contact Live Support and we will be able to see if we are able to accept your payment. Please note that some payment options will incur an additional fee. We will let you know if this is the case. 3. Why do I need to submit a copy of my ID? For the vast majority of our purchases, we will not require you to give us an ID. This is to make sure that the customer is paying with a PayPal account that they own. We will accept any type of government-issued identification. Please remember that the information that is found on your ID must match your PayPal’s otherwise we will be required to refund your transaction. If you are using your parent or guardians’ PayPal you must have permission from them in order to purchase our product. Some payment methods like BTC, WU, Moneygram, Paypal My Cash, and Moneypak will never require ID. We will never use your information for anything other than confirming the authenticity of your payment and will never be released.

First, you need to create an account on our website. Once you have created the account, you will need to decide how much Runescape gold you are interested in. Make sure you select the correct game (RS3 or old school Runescape. Once you have selected the correct quantity and confirmed the correct price, you will be able to check out via PayPal or one of our other payment options. Please remember that your information that you used to create an account on our website MUST match the information on your PayPal account. Also, your IP geographic location must match the address that is on your PayPal. If it doesn’t you will have to explain to live support why they don’t match, otherwise, we must refund your payment. You might be asked to submit a copy of a government-issued ID to confirm your identity. If you do not feel comfortable with sending your ID, we will ask for alternative forms of payment or we will refund your payment in full.

You should purchase your OSRS gold from RSgoldstop.com because we always ensure we have the cheapest prices on the market. If you find a cheaper competitor site send us a screenshot on live chat and we will beat their price. Not convinced? Check out RSgilded.com to see how we fare against our competitors. Thank you for choosing RSgoldstop.com for your Runescape gold related needs.

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