OSRS Mining Guide 1 to 99 (Click here for Best methods 2018)

osrs mining guide for 2018

Use this OSRS Mining guide if you’re player looking to level their mining efficiently

mining on osrs sucks compared to real life
Training mining would be easy if you had this!

This OSRS mining guide will take you from level one to level 99 in the fastest way possible. Our team of veteran OSRS players will reveal their secrets on how they achieved the sought-after skill cape. If you’re lucky you may even get the rare Rock Golem skilling pet (1/740,000 chance)

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If you’re still reading this that means you are serious about leveling your mining in OSRS. Today we will go over every step that you will need to undertake in order to progress. If you want a good idea of how long you will have to spend mining, use this OSRS mining calc. Let’s begin.

Skipping the early levels of mining by questing

As most Runescape players know, the initial levels a player must train are the slowest in terms of XP per hour. Since we want to be able to level our skills efficiently, you have to identify opportunities to skip the early grind.

Quests for experience are something that a lot of new players look over when they first start training their mining. Quests like The Knight’s Sword, The Digsite, and Doric’s quest reward players with tens of thousands of XP in mining. The quests are mandatory for end game content and take significantly less time than it would take to achieve similar XP using methods available.

To get you started off on your mining journey, take a look at table for Ore experience and spawn times. If you take a look at the experience per ore, you will see the importance of progressing past the initial mining levels! When you’re approaching 99 mining you will be getting almost 13 times the experience PER ORE compared to level 1 mining.

Note: while high level ores like Amethyst and Rune yield high per ore experience rates, players have to remember that the spawn times that each ore has will make alternative training methods more efficient.

Now that you know the basics of mining on OSRS, we can begin our long journey to 99 mining.

If you are a rebel and decided not to do the quests for the mining experience, you will need to start from level 1.

Level 1-15 Mining: Copper/tin ore

For your first few mining levels you will progress very fast. The best spots to mine from 1-15 mining are either the Lumbridge mines or the mines located just south of Varrock. There should be multiple rocks available for your use. This is just the start of the OSRS mining guide, so prepare yourself!

Note: if you’re a F2P player, you may find a ton of bots competing for rocks! If you find competition to be too stiff you should hop worlds.

If you’re solely going for maximum efficiency, the next step will be one of the best ways to get to 99 mining on OSRS.

Level 15-99: Power-mining Iron Ore

Many of OSRS best players will use this method to train their mining. While players can access iron ore at level 15 mining, a thorough understanding of Runescape mechanics is needed to maximize efficiency using this method.

Experience per hour ranges from 40k-65k experience per hour. While this method used to be the most efficient method to get to 99 mining, new minigames have created better methods for training your mining level.

If you decide to use this method to train, we highly recommend that you obtain a Varrock Armor (1). The armor is a reward for completing the easy Varrock Diaries. The gives players a 10% chance of mining 2 ores at once. This means that 1 out of every 10 successful mines will yield double experience. While it may seem miniscule in a vacuum, in the long journey to 99 mining it will make a significant impact.

Spots to mine Iron ore efficiently include:

Varrock Mines

Al Kharid Mines

Mining Guild

South Ardougne Mines

If you want to see a full list of iron ore mining locations, the OSRS Wiki has a comprehensive list.

Level 30-99: Training your mining at the Motherload Mine minigame

The next part of this OSRS mining guide will feature the first non-resource based method. As a member you will have access to the Motherload mini-game. The mine is located in the Dwarven mines near Falador.

This mining training method is very AFK and low click intensive. Another reason why players should consider the Motherload mine is that it yields amazing gold and experience per hour. This is a great choice for players that are looking to bolster their gold reserves while gaining mining experience.

The amount of money you can make and mining experience you will receive is scaled based on your mining level. The experience per hour ranges from 13k-55k experience per hour. Profit per hour will go up to as much as 150k per hour!

In addition, players have a 3% chance of obtaining “gold nuggets” that can be used to unlock the Prospector outfits, ore bags, and various other experience boosting rewards. If a player unlocks the full prospector outfit, they will receive a universal 2.5% mining experience boost. Players who focus on efficiency deem this outfit a must-have for serious miners.

This mini game will reward players with ore up to the level the player has. That means if you can mine mithril ore, the Motherload minigame will yield all ores up to mithril! Players will also have access to a bank chest to deposit their haul.

Check out this Motherload mine guide on Youtube for the most up to date methods to maximize your mining experience using this OSRS mining guide.

Equipping your character with the best mining equipment

Once you achieve 61 mining you will be able to use a dragon pickaxe. The dragon pickaxe is a unique item in that you can boost your mining level by 3 from the special attack. If you have 85 smithing you can attach a Smouldering stone to your pickaxe. The resulting combination will give players a 33% chance of smelting a mined ore.

Note: the infernal pickaxe is a consumable item. After it smelts 5,000 ores you will need to recharge it with another Smouldering stone. Players will still be able to use the pickaxe as a dragon pick when it runs out of charges.

If you have been training at the Motherload mine you can trade in your gold nuggets for the Prospector’s kit. The outfit will yield a 2.5% XP boost.

Level 60-99: OSRS Mining Guild Update

Veteran Runescape players know that the old mining guild was not the best place to train mining. Jagex updated the mining guild on June 22nd – with the update the guild received magnitudes more ore spawns as well as the introduction of amethyst. The added rocks and new ore have revitalized the mining guild as one of the best ways to train mining on OSRS.

New features of the mining guild include an invisible +7 level boost to your mining level, convenient bank deposit box, as well as the chance to get mining gloves by collecting unidentified minerals. These gloves will give players a chance for ores to not deplete after successful mining.

Players that are looking to train their other skills will find that mining amethyst not only yields great XP per hour, but also will provide players with supplies to train fletching. This method of training works extremely well for Ironman accounts as getting high level fletching equipment used to be significantly harder before the introduction of amethyst rocks.

Level 45-99: Mining Granite OSRS

Another favored method of the best players in Runescape is mining granite near the Bandit Camp in the desert. While this method has been eclipsed in efficiency by newly released mining methods, there is still a niche of players that like to train their mining with granite.

This method yields around 70K mining xp per hour. This rate can go even higher if a player is able to 3 tick using swamp tar. If you’re able to use the 3-tick method you can gain an additional 20% experience vs traditional mining.

If you decide to mine granite you will need to bring waterskins to stay alive in the Kandarin desert. If a player has completed Lunar Diplomacy they can bring runes for the humidify spell to avoid having to refill their waterskins.

Level 30-99: Playing the Blast Mine Minigame

Players who have unlocked access to Zeah and have 100% Lovakengj favour can participate in the Blast Mine minigame. Like the Motherload minigame players are able to semi-afk the Blast Mine as well. In addition to receiving scaling XP players will receive GP rewards as well. The Blast Mine minigame is a nice escape from the monotony of training mining using other methods.

Level 50-99 Mining: The Volcanic Mine on Fossil Island

Released in September of 2017, this new minigame is a refreshing challenge for players looking to train their mining in a nontraditional manner. Located below the Fossil Island Volcano, the mine allows players who have at least 50 mining to enter the mini game.

Once you’re in the arena you will have 10 minutes to move a large boulder to the lava channel by mining various parts of the boulder. This mini game puts your Runescape skills to the test! Not only do you have to progress through the arena, monsters will spawn to make your job more difficult.

If you’re a player that likes to interact with other players while training their skills the Volcanic Mine is a great option. While other methods yield higher experience rate the intuitive nature of the Volcanic Mine makes it a suitable choice for players that are not looking for maximum efficiency.

Mining for Money: Rune Rocks in the wilderness

While this method is a pastime of many high level Runescape players, the money making and experience rates of mining rune rocks is not up to par compared to other methods.

Players with high level mining and a looting bag can make up to 1.5M GP per hour with this method. Of course, if a player dies to PKers their hourly XP and GP rate will be adversely affected.

Check out this video for a great OSRS rune mining guide.

The top spots for players to mine runite ore are: Lava Maze, Wilderness Ruins, and Myth’s Guild.

Level 15-99: High risk Wilderness Resource Area

Players who are adventurous can venture deep into the Wilderness and use the Resource Area located just east of the Deserted keep. A unique aspect of the Resource Area is that players are required to pay up to 7500 gold just to enter! Players who log out will have to pay the entrance fee again when they log back in.

Players choose this area to train mining because it is one of the few locations where they can power mine iron ore on 3 rocks without moving.

A major factor in a player’s decision to come to the Wilderness Resource Area is that there is a nearby NPC that will note any item players collect for 50 gold. This means high level players can stay in the arena indefinitely. Note: PKers know many skillers tend to spend a lot of time between banking and will try to attack you.

Note: You can kill the Runite Golem in the area and then mine the carcass for Runite ore! It’s a great way to make money and train your skills. Beware the video below shows skillers getting mauled by Pkers. Viewer Discretion is advised.

Level 70-99: Mining Gems at the Shilo Gem Mines

Players that want to train crafting will find the Shilo Gem mines to be a great method for great mining XP as well as gold per hour.

High level players that have obtained the Karamja gloves 3 will have access to the underground part of the mine. This area has significantly more gem rocks and is usually low competition.

Protip: Players that want to maximize their crafting experience can cut the gems and fletch them into bolt tips to avoid having to bank. This will give players a combination of mining, crafting, and fletching experience. The Shilo Village gem mines is a great choice for ironman accounts.

Get to work, 99 Mining is a journey!

Congratulations on making it this far! The team at RSgoldstop hope that you have found this osrs mining guide to be informative. If you enjoyed this guide we would appreciate if you drop a comment below!

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Huge shout out to Seerz for inspiring this guide. Check out his guide on Youtube.

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