Common scams when purchasing OSRS Gold

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I am the owner of and today I will be going over the various scams and tricks that fraudsters have tried to use on me over the years. As a rs gold website owner, I have seen many scammers come and go. After reading this article you will be able to identify common scams that are attempted and how to avoid being a victim.

  1. Most scammers on Runescape will attempt to offer you a very attractive price for gold. These scammers prey on people that so blinded by the price they are being offered that they are willing to take on more risk. Do not fall for this classic scam. If the price for gp is too good to be true, it usually is. If you have any doubts of the intentions of the opposing party, use forums like Sythe and Powerbot to find a middleman that can ensure both ends of the deal are held up.
  2. As a rs gold site owner, I face fraud risk every single time I sell gold to a customer via traditional payment methods. Paypal, G2A, and other processors all allow customers to perform a credit card chargeback. Customers who perform friendly fraud can only do so a few times before banks close their accounts, but if you are not a big seller that can absorb the loss of inventory these scammers may cause severe inconvenience.
  3. There are many ways to mitigate your risk when selling runescape gold via these payment sources. First, you can request ID verification. You ask your customer to provide a government issued ID that matches the PayPal account holder name. They should send the ID to your registered PayPal email from their registered email. This step provides less doubt when it comes to authorization of purchase. If you can prove that the buyer had access to an ID matching the account holder AND they had access to the registered email, you have case against unauthorized use.
  4. In addition to receiving a government ID from your customer, you can also request they take a selfie with the ID. This further decreases the chance of unauthorized activity. By making sure the customer buying osrs gold is in fact the owner of the PayPal account, you don’t have to worry about the risk of a customer claiming a sibling or child ordered without their permission.
  5. The previous steps I have mentioned greatly reduce the risk of a dispute. Another verification process you can add is texting or calling their phone. By creating a link that you can contact the customer with, they are less likely to perform fraud due to potential confrontation. Simply send them a message asking if they authorized a purchase on your website and have them send a screenshot of the PayPal receipt.
  6. If you don’t run a website and are having trouble convincing people to send sensitive information, you must understand that the risk of dispute is higher. Factor that into the margin you charge for your Runescape gold.
  7. Runescape black market scammers will also sometimes make fake Skype accounts resembling trusted members. Make sure you request a PM on forums like Sythe to confirm you are speaking to the trusted member. To make this process fail proof ask the other party to include their Runescape display name or payment email. This prevents scammers from faking conversations  to send a similar, yet different conversation to trick you.

These are just the basics of learning to trade RS gold safely. In the coming weeks I’ll continue to put out safe trading practices so be on the look out for that information. In the meantime, if you don’t want to risk the chance of getting scammed, you can purchase osrs gold from our site at the most competitive rate. We understand you can find a better price from an individual, but if you purchase gold from, you won’t have to worry about being scammed. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to our live support. We’re here to help!


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