Buy Runescape gold with credit card

The problem if you want to buy RuneScape gold with credit card

Have you wondered where you can buy RuneScape gold using a traditional credit card? A lot of gold sites these days are restricting the use of the most popular way to pay! If you are new to the market and do not understand why so much verification is required when purchasing rs gold I will explain it today. As you know, there is a large market for RS gold. There are many unscrupulous fraudsters who attempt to defraud gold sellers by either using fraudulently obtained payment sources or committing friendly fraud. Friendly fraud in the Runescape gold black market scene has become extremely commonplace over the last few years. Friendly fraud is when a customer makes a payment for a product or service and then calls their bank’s anti-fraud department and claim that they did not make the purchase. These scammers don’t understand that this amounts to stealing. Scammers think that it is okay to steal from people because the risk of being caught is extremely low. What they don’t consider are the consequences of doing so.

What do you need to do to buy osrs gold with a credit card?

While every site has a different procedure for accepting reversible payment sources, I will be outlining’s process to verifying the identity and intentions of every one of our customers. When a customer decides that they want to purchase osrs gold at our site, we make sure they are aware with potential verification requirements that depend on the quantity of rs gold desired. If a customer makes a one time purchase of under $50 USD, we generally only require they prove access to the registered PayPal email. If they want to purchase Runescape gold multiple times within a few days, our live support agents will require the customer to provide various avenues of verification to secure the transaction. Among the required verification steps are: Government issued ID matching the PayPal and credit card holder, selfie with submitted ID to verify identity, text message confirmation to prove geographic location, payment receipt proof of source of payment.

That seems like a lot, I just want to buy some gold!

Yes, we understand privacy is very important to each one of our customers. In order to maintain industry leading rs gold prices and maintaining the consistent quality of customer support found at we need to make sure every single one of our customers are looking to do honest business. If we don’t perform these verification measures, we would need to charge significantly more like other rs gold sites to maintain profitability. If you are not comfortable providing an ID, don’t fret. We have many other payment options for osrs gold that don’t require a credit card. A few examples include: Cryptocurrency (BTC/Ethereum), Vanilla Prepaid Card, or even Western Union. If you have a payment method that we haven’t listed don’t hesitate to contact live support to see if we accept it.

And that’s how you purchase Runescape gold with a credit card. It seems like a long process, but in order to maintain low prices for Runescape gold for all of our customers our site requires it. We are a registered company in the US and we do not share your information. The only time we would release your information provided is in the event of a fraudulent dispute. I hope this answers most of the questions you may have regarding the topic. If you want to buy RS gold, click this link and take a look at our great prices!


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