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Looking for OSRS gold? Look no further. offers the most competitive prices. We constantly scan the market to make sure our RS gold is the most affordable. While we are the cheapest, you don’t sacrifice on customer service or reliability. Our English speaking live support is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your gold purchase. We have been selling gold since the release of 2007scape and have amassed thousands of vouches on various forums like Sythe, Powerbot, and Tribot. If you want to see proof, click on one of the banners under “Reputation” to see our most up to date feedback from satisfied customers. We make sure our osrs gold is sourced from the most reliable suppliers – this is to protect your account against punishment for associating with sketchy RS players. Since RSgoldstop was founded in 2013, none of our recreational gold buyers have been banned for buying gold. We want to make sure we build long term relationships with each one of our customers in order to become the one stop shop for all Runescape related needs.

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We are confident in our ability to provide OSRS gold at the cheapest price possible so we are price matching all third-party reliable Runescape gold sites. If you do find a gold site that is selling Old School GP for a lower price than our listed price, please join live chat and give the agent the link to the established Old School Runescape gold site and how much gold you wish to buy and you will receive your gold at a 5% discount from your price matched value!

How long will it take to receive my OSRS gold?

Once you have decided to purchase gold from our site, please confirm with live chat to verify that the agents are ready to fulfill the order. Once live chat has responded to your inquiry go ahead and choose the payment option you wish to pay with. Please note, different payment methods have different processing fees. If you want to purchase osrs gold with a prepaid gift card, you should use the PayPal option (9%) fee. If you have one of the 100+ payment methods G2A accepts you can check out using G2A. A ton of our customers say that G2A does not approve larger orders but will easily approve small orders. The fee for G2A is significantly lower than PayPal. After you’ve completed payment, you will make your way back to our site. Please contact live support and let them know that you have successfully made payment. During this time the customer support agents will verify your order. If you have a gaming forum account we will ask you to leave us a feedback. This helps us out a lot, so if you are able to do vouch for us we will very happy :). After the agent has identified your order, they may request certain documents to verify your identity. This step scares a few of our customers but we are required to verify customer identities to ensure against fraud. Currently, if you order more than 100M OSRS gold in one day you will be required to provide an ID and a selfie. If you do not wish to provide ID and still want to purchase gold, you can choose an alternative payment method. Payment methods that we accept that do not require an ID include: Vanilla Visa Prepaid (you must show proof that it is the funding source of the purchase), Crytocurrency, Walmart Cash, and Western Union. Please understand that we have to verify customers in order to maintain the lowest rs gold site prices around. Our current average delivery times are under 5 minutes. Trust us, it just sounds like a long process.

Want to sell OSRS gold?

In addition to being the leading provider of OSRS gold, RSgoldstop also will purchase any gold that you want to sell. We offer a wide variety of payment options for your RS gold – if you have it, we most likely can pay you using that option. Please note that some payment methods are reserved for larger gold transactions. If you’re looking to sell osrs gold at a great price, we assure you have the right place. Some of our payment methods for rs gold include: Bitcoin, Ethereum, PayPal, Zelle, and Western Union/Moneygram. As always, if you are interested in a specific payment options that are not listed all you have to do is ask our customer support agents. If it’s possible to offer, we will accommodate the request.

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If you are looking for other types of Runescape related products, don’t fear! offers RS3 gold, Runescape Private Server GP (RSPS), RS accounts, and in game services. If we don’t have what you’re looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are constantly looking for more products to offer our customers. If you like the prices you see on our other offers, you can bet that we will offer industry leading prices on any new items we decide to sell. If you’re interested in Runescape 3 gold, head to our RS3 page to place an order today. if you are interested in Powerleveling services at NMZ or custom orders, we also have a team ready to take your order. Fire capes, Torso, defenders are all a breeze when you purchase from

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If you are shopping around looking for other deals for osrs gold, please don’t hesitate to contact our live support should you have any questions. We are constantly looking to be the best rs gold site around and if you do find a competitor price that is cheaper than us we will be sure to beat it. All you have to do is come to live chat, show us where a site like RSgoldpot is offering you a good price and once we confirm the price is legitimate we will give you 5% more osrs gold to earn your business. On top of that, we constantly run promotions for free osrs gold. If you are one of our customers, you will automatically receive a coupon for bonus gold after each order if you leave us feedback on any of the online gaming forums. We offer this free gold because we want to make sure as many people have a chance to experience the service found at If you are in any way unsatisfied with your order, you can contact the owner of the site at admin[at] with any complaints or suggestions.

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