5 Easy OSRS F2P Money Making Methods in 2018

F2P RS money making Guide

OSRS Money Making Methods for F2P

Looking to make enough money to get started on Oldschool Runescape and don’t want to spend any money on membership? We have reached out to veteran Runescape players for the most up to date ways to make money in F2P OSRS. RSgoldstop presents the top 5 ways to make money in a comprehensive F2P OSRS Money making guide. If you want to check out our other guides, be sure to check out our other guides here.

F2P Moneymaking Method 1: Filling Bowls with Water

F2P Money Making Guide - filling bowls with water

While many guides will recommend training your skills to make your initial starting cash stack, we recommend finding the fastest methods of making rs gold. The reasoning behind this is that you want to get save up for a membership bond as quickly as possible due to the exponentially higher GP per hour rates available to Runescape members.

Once you’ve completed tutorial island head to the Stronghold of Security and complete it for a 10K RSGP cash stack. Once you have collected the gold, make your way to the Grand Exchange and purchase as many Bowls as possible.

After you completely exhaust your cash stack, use the home teleport found in your mage book to teleport to Lumbridge. Once we arrive we want to hop to world 317. This world is a PvP world so there will be a bank chest located right next to the teleport spawn. Use the north fountain and use the bowls on the fountain. Fill your entire stock of bowls with water.

If you’re fast or have AHK installed, you will be able to fill approximately 2,200 bowls of water in an hour. To calculate your profit just see how much you paid for the bowls and find the difference. After you run out of empty bowls head back to Varrock to sell your Bowl of Waters.

GP Profit per hour: ~130K per hour.

F2P Moneymaking Method 2: Looting Wilderness PvP worlds at the Grand Exchange

waiting for large loot piles can be great osrs money making

This next F2P OSRS Moneymaking method will bring your character to the Grand Exchange in world 317. Like the previous method, this method requires no skills. This makes it accessible to all players and is one of the easiest ways to make enough RSGP for a bond. Please note: Be careful to not bring any in-game wealth as other players CAN and WILL attack you.

After you bank your valuable items and gold, head into the PvP zones. You will see tons of adamant arrows and other items players have left behind. If you’re lucky, you might even find a loot pile that wasn’t seen by the player that received it. I’ve personally looted full rune armor!

RSgoldstop PRO tip: If you see bots or other looters consider leveling your mage level to PK fellow looters. You can train your mage to where you can use fire strike and 1 shot looters. Not only can you get some sweet loot but you also cut down on the competition.

Profit: 100k+ per hour. This method can be substantially higher if you’re lucky enough to loot a valuable weapon or armor piece.

Method 3: Completing Anchovie Pizzas

Unlike the previous F2P moneymaking methods, this next method will require 55 cooking. Using the osrs gold you made in the other methods, purchase pizzas, and cooked anchovies. This method is a quick way to be semi-AFK while making money because the demand for Anchovie Pizzas on OSRS is very steady. It heals the most amount of HP out of any F2P item and is used by F2P pkers to combo eat. Simply buy as many of the two as you can and begin putting them together.f2pmoneymakinganchovypizzas

This method not only makes around 700 GP per inventory of 14 pizzas but also provides cooking experience. While this method isn’t for everyone, players who want to make money while training their cooking skill have found this to be an invaluable option for making money in F2P OSRS.

Players that are quick are able to around 50k GP per hour and 35k cooking XP per hour.

Method 4: Buying Feathers from Shops around Runescape


This next F2P method requires no skills as well. Take out around 100K RSGP and make your way to Port Sarim. Here you will want to buy out all of the feather packs in each world. Start in world 1 and hop around until you use up all of your cash.

This method will generally always work because feathers are in high demand due to fly fishing and fletching. You want to sell the feathers you bought for around 3 GP. As a free to play player you might run into some issues with this method because there are a limited amount of F2P worlds.

Profit: 200k+ per hour.f2p money making feather profit

Method 5: Slaying Ogress Warriors

If you’re a F2P player that has mid-tier combat stats, you will be able to make money using the Ogress Warriors that are unlocked by the Quest Corsair Curse. The Corsair Curse gives players access to Corsair Cove.

Head north on the Island and go to the eastern corner and head into the Ogress dungeon. One thing players should note is that this method can be safe-spotted. All you need is around 40 ranged and you will be able to quickly kill the ogres.

The Ogress Warriors are a great way to train F2P players’ combat stats while making money in the process. They have a 100% drop rates of big bones so players can also train their Prayer level. These monsters have a combat level of 82 so if you’re a lower level player make sure you don’t accidentally step out of the safe spot.

Another thing players should note is that the warriors have 82 hitpoints. This means players are able to AFK for each kill and complete other methods in this OSRS moneymaking guide on another account. This will allow players to significantly increase their hourly GP rate.

Players should be on the lookout for various rare drops like Rune Full helms and Shaman Masks. These big-ticket items will bolster your hourly GP income significantly.

Profit: 100k+. Your hourly income will depend on your luck with rare drops as well as your range level.

You’re ready to explore Runescape

We hope you have enjoyed our F2P OSRS Moneymaking guide. Once you’re a member be sure to check out our PVM OSRS Moneymaking guide for the latest most profitable things to do for money on Runescape.

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Thank you!

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