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RSGoldstop: Your one stop shop for all of your OSRS Gold needs

Here at we strive for one thing: customer satisfaction whenever a customer purchases rs gold, osrs gold, or osrs accounts! By offering the cheapest way to Buy RuneScape gold we allow our customers to forget the grind of farming, allowing them torealize their dreams in-game for a fraction of their paycheck. Our company is registered in the US and has partnered with G2A and PayPal to let you purchase rs gold with a credit card or one of 150+ other payment choices. If you don’t see the payment method you want to use listed on our site, contact our 24/7 live support to see if we can find a way to accept your payment. Unlike other sites, we listen to our customers.

After much demand and interest RSgoldstop now offers RSPS gold, powerleveling, and even in game mini game services like Fire cape and fighter torsos. We leave no stone unturned to make sure we are able to serve the entire Runescape player base. We want to make sure you're spending more time enjoying the game. The team at RSgoldstop prides itself as being avid Runescape players. As gamers ourselves, we understand your needs and will do everything in our power to make sure you have the best experience when you decide to buy old school runescape gold. We want to make sure our customers are enjoying every second of their game time on 2007scape.

New products that RSgoldstop has released for our customers include Runescape max main rentals and offering RS private server gold. We noticed the large amount of scammers that were present in these markets and wanted to make sure that a trustworthy site was an option for gamers that are looking for those services. Whether it be Runescape 3 or Old School RS, our team will cater to your every need. We want to make sure you keep as much of your hard earned money as possible while making a fair profit margin on each one of the items we sell.

With the release of OSRS Mobile, we want to provide the cheapest osrs mobile gold around! Let us know if you see a better price and we will beat their rate guaranteed!

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Not only is our service cheap, we’re also extremely trustworthy with thousands of vouches across various online forums – there you can see where satisfied customers comment on the speed and reliability of our website. We want to make sure each gold sale goes as smoothly as possible. Once you’ve submitted your payment our team will verify all of the details before meeting you in Runescape to deliver your RSGP. Our team wants to make sure we can earn your business and be your one stop shop for all of your Runescape related needs. We would rather lose money on a sale rather than disappoint our customer.

How long does the OSRS Gold buying process take?

Recently we have partnered with G2A to provide you a stress-free method to buy RS2007 gold and rs3 gold. No longer do you have to experience pesky phone calls from across the world in order for you to get your order. All you need to do is place the order via G2A pay and within minutes one of our agents will be delivering the osrs gold that you ordered.

Not sure about G2A pay ? G2A pay offers hundreds of different payment methods (including Visa, PayPal, Ideal, Skrill, and more). Don’ t like G2A pay? That is totally fine! For a small percentage upcharge as well as being subject to some verification you can place an order directly via PayPal. Talk about easy! To top it all off offers a best rate guarantee. If you see any price that is better than ours, we will beat their price (competing sites only). Got another payment method you want to use? Let us know and we will see if we are able to accept it.

The RSgoldstop Guarantee prides itself in offering the cheapest and fastest way to buy runescape gold. We will never PM you in game or ask for the product back after a transaction Our workers all use U.S. based accounts to minimize your account risk. With a staff of English speakers, you will never have an issue ordering with our customer service.

Another aspect that sets above the competition is our focus on finding legitimate sources for our runescape gold. While other sites may purchase stolen or hacked product, we vet our suppliers to make sure that we are not buying fraudulently obtained gold. We know that distributing this gold is high risk for both the customer and ourselves, and even though it would be cheaper to acquire we value our long term relationships with our clientele and make sure all our sources for Runescape Gold are legitimate.

Since was established in 2013, we have served countless customers. By making sure our gold and accounts are not compromised, we are able to sell rsgp safely to our customers. In the entire we have been operational we have not received a single notice from a customer being banned. We want to make sure your rs gold transaction goes quickly and is delivered as fast as our team allows! We are among the most trusted Runescape gold providers out there and have amassed thousands of vouches on forums like Sythe, Powerbot, ElitePvpers, and Tribot. We also have reviews on Trustpilot and Reddit. Give us a shot and join thousands of other Runescape players that have bought rs gold.

Don't have the money to buy Runescape Gold?

No problem! believes that every one of our customers should have the opportunity to enjoy the game that we all love. Our team will reach out to Runescape professionals to write OSRS money making guides. Check out our blog every week for the latest in Runescape related news and giveaways. We want to give back to the community that allows us to stay in business, even if it means selling a little less rs gold. Also, if you are interested in earning some free RSGP, we pay writers for osrs related articles! Contact live chat if you have an article idea that you believe will be beneficial to Runescape players and we will consider your idea for the next RSgoldstop moneymaking guide.

Market Leading Buying Rates

RSgoldstop continously does market research to ensure we are paying the most for rs gold. We will buy as much gold as you can supply using the payment method of your choice. Another reason why you should sell rs gold to us is that we don't use Chinese or Venezuelan IPs. By trading with a US based IP you are less likely to get caught selling gold. We do this to make sure our suppliers can safely sell gold to us for a long time.

RSgoldstop also offers a best price guarantee. If you find another website with a cheaper price, we will beat them by 5%! Contact live support and let our live chat agent know that a competitor has a better price and the agent will go to the competitor site to confirm their price for rs gold. If we are beat and they have stock available we will offer you 5% free OSRS gold. Please note: RSgoldstop reserves the right to withhold this offer if the customer becomes belligerent. We want to make sure RSgoldstop is the best site on the net!Find out why we are ratest as the cheapest gp site on reddit.

Want to swap OSRS Gold and RS3 GP?

Do you have Runescape 3 GP but want to swap it to Old School RS gold? No problem. Our livechat agents are standing by to swap your gold at the best rates available. Stop getting scammed by in game clan chats and allow RSgoldstop to give you the best rates available. Contact a livechat agent to schedule a RS gold swap today. Swapping Runescape gold doesn't have to be difficult. Choose RSgoldstop!

How did RSgoldstop start?

RSgoldstop was founded in 2013 when the owner found himself playing the game after the release of the 2007scape servers. As a player that loved the game throughtout his childhood, he identified a need for a trustworthy site in the market. The RS gold market is flooded with Chinese sites that employ a livechat that can barely speak english. Starting by selling Runescape gold on Playerauctions, the owner eventually created this site to serve a larger customer base. The team here at RSgoldstop understands the needs of our customers because like you, we are gamers ourselves.

How can I contact RSgoldstop?

If you have any inquires please do not hesitate to contact us via our live chat, email, or phone. Whether you're looking for osrs account or Runescape 2007 gold we want to make sure you are completely satsifeid. We value each customer and want to make sure your osrs gold transaction goes smoothly. Please understand we need to perform certain verifications to ensure the safety of both parties. By performing verification and only selling gold to real gamers, we are able to sell rs gold at market leading rates.

Our livechat will be availabe 24/7. If for some reason livechat is not available, please send an email to Our management team will respond to any inquiry within 24 hours. If you have an emergency inquiry you can give us a call at 614-620-4122. Thank you for taking the time to visit and we hope we can serve you for all of your Runescape related needs

How do I sell my items and accounts?

Want to sell some of your osrs gp? You've come to the right place. offers the most competitive rates for Old School Runescape gold. If you find a better price at another gold website, screen shot their offer and start a live chat with our english speaking team. We will then give you an offer if we're able to get the same rate at the competitor site. If we're able to replicate their price we guarantee we will take your gold for the payment method you want. We usually have PayPal, Bitcoin, and other methods available. You will get paid instantly for your rs gold.

How will I get my RS3 Gold or OSRS GP?

As one of the most trusted Runescape gold sites, we offer price guarantee on all of our products. That means it doesn't matter if you're looking for oldschool gold or fire cape, we will be the best source for your Runescape related needs. Once we've agreed on a price, you can place an order on PayPal or G2A using a credit card. If you are a first time buyer, fast deliveries are what you can expect. We only request id verification if you purchase over 200M or are a repeat customer. We strive to be the fastest and cheapest rs gold site around.

Do you serve Mobile OSRS?

If you're a player that has just started playing OSRS on their iPhone or Android, you should know that the desktop version of Runescape is on the same server! That means you can quickly purchase the items of your dreams for your mobile OSRS journey. Join our thousands of satisfied desktop customers!


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